Pest-free Side press

I was doing side presses near a power rack at the gym today. When I locked out on my second rep of a set, this guy walked up from my lifting side and asked if I was using the rack! WTF?! Can’t wait the 30 seconds til I’m done with my set before asking?

Anyway, where do you guys who side press with an Olympic bar perform this movement in the gym? I’d like to hear some tips for avoiding potentially dangerous distractions from morons like this the next time I train.

Ouster, use dumbbells and you avoid the problem. My gym has only one rack so I use dumbbells and get good results.

What a fucking idiot! That used to happen all the time when I was a member of a gym. I remember one time doing handstand pushups and some jack ass got right next to me and started doing some curls. I had to tell him to get out of the way so I could come back down. I would recommend that you purchase an olympic barbell and do it at home or outside. If you have to do the exercise in a gym, use a dumbbell. Side press with a barbell takes a lot of concentration and the last thing that you need is some jack ass distracting you.

Thanks for the advice guys. I prefer doing side presses with an Oly bar because it gives the stabilizer muscles a real workout. But since it is so hard, I can’t afford to let some moron disrupt my focus. I can press the same weight with a dumbbell without flinching. Looks like I’ll have to use dumbbells from now on though. Too bad.

Boy - what an idiot to interrupt you. Maybe dropping the bar on his foot would double his IQ to 100. Jerks like that are one of the main reasons I train at home.

Heh heh, when the guy interrupted me by opening his pie hole, I gave serious thought to caving in his skull by dropping the Oly bar on him.

Mike Mahler, if you’re still following this thread, I’m going to take it off on a tangent:

How do you progressively develop the skill and balance to do a handstand pushup?

Are there any training techniques (especially hand and body positioning, keeping which muscles tight etc.) that you use to ensure that you’re performing the exercise correctly? Ouster