Pectoral Atrophy

I went in for a back massage and ended up with a bulging disk in my neck–EXTREME pain! Now, three months later I can finally get back to working out. My left side (where the problem was) is very weak and the pectorals on that side have gotten much smaller. My right side is fine. Any ideas for the best way of building up the left side again? Should I be working the left side alone rather than doing bilateral excercises? I’d appreciate any ideas someone with experience has had. Thanks!

Wow. Tough masseur or masseuse. I never heard of that happening. Must have been a rookie or a real goofball. Anyway, I had an accident when I was 16. I am 41 now. I have permanent nerve damage to my right chest wall. It took several years of lifting to get the sides even in strength. I used dumbells for everything. If I couldn’t finish a rep under complete control, I stopped. I would always start my excercises with the weak side. Of course I had also broke my left wrist twice before, so it was a complicated event. Anyway, I can still see a difference in the development, but most people can’t. If you can only do 6 reps on the weak side and 10 reps on the strong side, don’t. Do only as many as the weak side. It is tough at first to stop, but, you’ll never get better unless you do. Good luck. Oh, and I would seek out an Active Release therapist. Call Dr. Leahey’s office for a referral in your area. Don’t take someone’s word that they are certified. And I would hire a good attorney. Massage practitioners carry liability insurance. You need to get them out of the business. I carry a 9 million dollar policy. It covers a half million per incidence. Never had a complaint.