PCT Goes Very, Very Wrong

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Here you go, Cap. The first is Test/Tren/Dbol, the second is similar, but employing a particular growth hormone protocol developed by BBB. Both were fantastic cycles, especially the second.

Thanks for your interest!


I’m going to check these out too.

I have to say man you clearly know your shit when it comes to training and AAS, would be good if you would get involved with the AAS subforum and training areas of the site again.

Come back to us Cortes, we need you!

Haha. I don’t know, I kind of left that forum behind. Maybe I could be dragged back there, but the couple of times I’ve popped back over there I ended up leaving pretty quickly. Not because anything was necessarily wrong with the forum itself, it seemed pretty much the same to me. Just because I felt I’d kind of grown out of it.

I will say that I am always happy to address direct questions so if there happen to be any and you make a thread over there please feel free to point me that way and I’ll do what I can if my schedule allows it (I have busy periods which is why you see me disappear and pop back up after a month or two again).

I will also add that when I first joined this website, having been led here by the print publication, I was 5’11", 175lbs, and I used to wonder if I would ever manage to achieve the 220+ with abs physique I dreamed of having. A few years later (having made a ton of progress well before employing AAS), I was absolutely thrilled to find that even a lifetime weak-sauce skinny-boy hardgainer like myself could have the honor of receiving such flattering compliments as you and Cap has paid me here. Thanks so much, I’m seriously nothing special except that I relentlessly study and relentlessly persevere.


I can actually totally understand how you could grow out of the AAS subforum. While AAS is a pretty daunting topic when you first start looking into it, you learn pretty quickly that once you know what ancilliaries to use with what compounds there’s not much else to know. As for the forum itself, there’s only so many times you can tell a noob “500mg test E for 12 weeks” before you start just to not care anymore.

But the rest of the site, like the new Bigger Stronger Leaner section, has some cool stuff happening in it now, and the Bodybuilding Forum has shifted now to really be only about the actual sport of bodybuilding so there’s a different vibe there now too which I enjoy.

So stop by and say hello some time! We’d be glad to have you there