Pavel vs. German Body Comp

Here’s the deal. I’ve done German Body Comp with nice fat loss results; however my 1RM’s suffer tremendously. Pavel has said that he prefers a 5x5 approach, which I have also tried and while fat loss may take a bit longer, I don’t lose near as much strength. FWIW, I am predominantly fast-twitch. Any thoughts?

As an aside, how do you know you’re predominantly fast twitch?

Well maybe this isn’t an overly scientific method of assessing but anyway I have always gained much easier on a rep range of no higher than five reps. I tried German Volume Training (the orig. one) a while back and at 50-60 percent of 1RM I couldn’t come anywhere near the prescribed reps. I’ve always been a much better sprinter than an endurance athlete.

I don’t get it. Doesn’t fat loss mostly depend on your diet? And isn’t fat loss and a heavy 1RM sort of opposite goals? And isn’t 5x5 designed for totally diffent goals than GBC? This isn’t comparing apples to oranges; this is comparing apples to Buicks.

TEK, I totally disagree. I think he’s just asking whether using lower reps while dieting may help him hold onto strength, in which case the answer is it depends on the individual. I have tremendous success keeping strength while dieting when I utilizae low rep ranges; in fact, I find that I can usually keep getting stronger while dieting by doing so!

In my specific example, it was not possible to maintain strength, because I gained it. My brutal 2 weeks included on MWF of week one and T TH on week two, a circuit of 5 reps, squat, chin military press. did a total of 5 sets, station ot station. T and Th week 1 and MWF of week 2, stiff dead, bent row, weighted dips.
My goal was 5 sets. On a few of the days I did more. If I struggled real bad on one, I dropped it for that round. For instance, Dead, row, (fatigue) dip, so then I did dead and dip, then back to all three. didnt happen often. added weight, the smallest increment I could when 5 went flawless. I didn’t necessarily stop at 5 sets, I remember distinctly doing 8 one time. talk about sucking gas! I did get tremendously stronger despite the volume, best two weeks of my 20 year training career outside of newbie gains or after layoff.