Am I the only one...

…who thinks specialized fat-burning workouts are stupid? GBC this, Meltdown that - just drop your calories, maybe add some cardio, and keep training like you always do! Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never found the need to alter my workouts in order to achieve significant fat loss; in fact, my results with regular, heavy workouts while dieting have been better than my results with diet-specific exercise protocols like GBC. Anyone else?

You are just lucky. Some of us can half-starve ourselves and never look as good as you probably do when you’re not working out. Either count your blessings, or spend a couple days inside my fat ass.

Wait…that didn’t sound exactly the way I meant it :slight_smile:

i’d like to agree with you because i’ve only done mass buiding for 3 years while adding 35 lbs and i’m still at the same body fat level (7.5 %). I think it all depends on the individuals bodies and metabolism. Not everyone is created equal. I think if i need to go for that ultra shredded look of under 6% bf i might have to resort to some special training and some serious low carb diet. now i see a difference in the way i train as opposed to others. I sweat a lot and my body gets red, while others never even break a sweat. I see their non results and i attribute that to their lack of knowledge and intensity. laters pk

When I cut weight for powerlifting, I followed your approach. Sometimes I think people make weight loss alittle more difficult than is necessay.
The good part about these diets and training programs, is that it gives people a solid training and diet plan to follow. I really think people don’t really watch their calories as close as they say they do at times. Most are probably eating more than they think. I know when I counted actual calories, I was eating more than I thought. I agree with you, but I think most people need a blueprint.

Its fun to do something different.
Fits in well with periodization.
may accelerate fat loss.
Changing it up is a real good idea occasionaly

I once tried GBC during dieting and my strenght levels crashed really badly. I think I also lost some muscle mass. I’ve found that doing sets of 5-7 reps works best for me during dieting. I can add weight to the bar even if I’m on restricted calories. Longer sets than those and I hit the wall really quickly.

Whats GBC?

I’m in the same boat as Jig, I’ve tried GBC a few times before and each time I lose some muscle along w/ a big drop in strength. It wasn’t diet b/c I even followed Charles diet program. I’m def. fast-twitch, b/c my muscles just die after a few reps, even at a lower % weight of my 1rm, so GBC training is not for me. I get far better results continuing to lift heavy at the 5-7 rep range, while cutting down carbs and keeping protein really high. Consider most beverly Int. bodybuilders get shredded w/ diet and heavy lifting alone, no cardio and no GBC type routines.

GBC is German Body Comp. It is a workout created primarily to aid in accelerated fat loss. Do a search and you’ll find it.


I used to be that way when I was in my early 20’s. I’d make a minor change in diet and the fat just went away in a few weeks. Not anymore. At about 28 my metabolism seemed to change, especially in the fat burning area.

I don’t have much luck with GVT or things like that for burning fat. The only thing that has worked for me very well is a keto diet on thermogenics and doing about 30 min. of meduim intensity cardio. I still lift weights three days a week during that period too.

Hmmm, two different Steve-O’s…

Hey Zev, maybe you should read the Meltdown article before you bash it, or better yet try it. Judging by what you said you havent read it. This could be a big plus in your weight loss pan. READ IT!!!

Zev you are 100% right!!! train your muscles in the most effective way possible, cut cals. (yeah for people that have major prob. loosing wt. low carb may be the way to go) and MAYBE add some walking or swimming or bike riding, etc…