German Body Comp and diet

Anyone try the GBC program w/out cardio for fat loss? If so, what kind of results did you get? I wanna try to get into contest shape and will be using it along with Poliquin/Serrano’s recommendations for fat loss nutrition. On the GBC program, does one rest 60 seconds between each exercise or between supersets. Do I do A1, rest 60 secs then do A2 or do I do A1, A2 then rest 60 secs? Also, anyone follow his diet recommendations of 25 days low carbs then a cheat day every 5 days. I’m 6’3", 245 around 12%bf. Doing 370g protein, around 120g fat (4 tbsp flax or fish oil) and 50g carbs from green beans. Any feedback would be appreciated

I tried GBC and didnt get the results i expected…it worked a little…fortunately, i know what i did wrong: you MUST pair an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise…i didnt do this and from reading poliquins article–this is probably what inhibited the efficacy of the program…also, i tried incorporating an ian king principle with my rest intervals: for the first week, i used 60 secs in between each exercise…week 2 i lowered that to 30 secs…week 3, i took as little time as possible…this does get grueling, but it should work if you pay attention to diet, exercise selection (be careful what exercise you pair with squats…they can be VERY tiring)…i’d also supp with md6 for that extra edge…of course, pay close attention to the tempo and good luck with the program!!

I’ve had great success with GBC. In fact I’m using it right now. I’m 193 @ 8% and looking to get down in the 6% range.

Poloquin recommends A1 immediately followed by A2, then a 60 second rest. Luoma likes A1 followed by 30 seconds rest, then A2 followed by 30 seconds rest. I’ve tried it both ways and prefer TC’s method if for no other reason than it sometimes takes me that long to get to the next station.

As “k” pointed out, make sure you always pair a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise. That’s what triggers the GH release which is the main point of the program. A word of warning, GBC can make you puke just like a grueling squat session.

You rest after a set, then perform the other part of the super/giant set, then rest, etc. Read Manly Weight Loss, as it goes further into details.

Hey Will, how quick were your results using the GBC program?

I’m iffy on the program. I did it as written in the “Manly Weight Loss” and I still had to watch my calories closely to lose fat.

I’m not sure how it’s anymore effective than a normal weight-training program with stricter calorie reduction. However, it’s a GREAT conditioning program. I went into the GVT after it, and well, the GVT’s EASY compared to this.

Drew - I’ve only done GBC while reducing calories. However, I’ve found it to be more effective than following a standard training protocol including “cardio”. I try to shoot for 1 to 1 1/2 pound weight loss a week and adjust my calories up/down accordingly. I don’t know if it’s any faster to “cut up” as opposed to more conventional methods but it helps me preserve lean body mass. In fact, after four weeks of my diet, I’ve actually gained a slight bit of LBM while dropping five pounds. You certainly have to be anal about your diet however. I’m also looking forward to training at a more relaxed pace when I finish with this cutting phase!