pause squats

pause squats… how deep…how much weight…how long of a pause…tonight i did 3 sets of 5 reps at 200lb’s held below parellel for 3 seconds on a stop watch… is this right? ps they were extremely hard!

You can pause at any part of the lift, but I think most pause at the bottom, which means as far down as possible or just to parallel depending who you are.

Could elaborate a little more on when and why you’re doing pause squats?

FYI Leonid Taranenko, the guy with the biggest c&j ever (566kg), squatted 380kg (837lbs) with a 2 second pause at the bottom. I better get busy!

rr, you’ve done pretty much the right thing. So long as a) the person with the watch isn’t your spotter and b) the person with the stopwatch isn’t you.

i was doing them as a finishing exerscice on my quad workout “because i have quit doing leg ext” i have been alternating pause squats-barbell hack squats-front squats as finishers after 10 sets of back squats,