Pain in Arm While Benching

I tried benching today and had some annoying pain on my upper arm (between my bicep and tricep and underneath my shoulder where there seems to be this “thing” that feels like a ball)…it’s suppose to be there since it was present when I had no pain and everyone else I asked about had it as well. I wanted to know if anyone else had the same annoying pain (not sharp pain) and any pointers on how to alleviate it…

p.s. I bench w/ adequate form (retracted shoulders, elbows DON’T flare out and feet driving through the concentric motion)

Could you be more descriptive with where it is? There shouldn’t be anything like that on your arm that I know of.

Do you mean on the inner arm or outer arm? Is it near your arm pit? Picture would really help.

Symptoms sound like bicep tendonitis, which would hurt a lot with benching.

I’ve been having a pain in my right arm while benching as well. It’s at its worst during my warm-up set, and gradually gets a little better as I go. I find that sometimes it even hurts when propping myself up out of bed. The image(old old image) shows roughly where the pain is localized.

The pink dot (sorry…I know it’s not the most masculine color but it does the job)is the area where the “ball” is and where the pain is coming from (it hurts only when I lift or in any other way bother it)…hopefully it’s just a minor set-back, but if any one had any insight what so ever on this, it would be appreciated.

If it hurts(recurring): doctor.

I have this exact same problem, at the location where the leftmost ‘X’ is located. It only develops when I’m benching. It first began on sat during during my bench sets, and now, benching again today, it hurt just with the bar only. I’ve tried different upper arm positions that might keep the weight off the shoulder while trying to retain proper form, but its still there.

This is the second time I've had a tendonitis type injury from benching.  First was elbow tendonitis.  Had to lay off of benching and starting strength for 3 weeks, totally killed my gains.  It seems like I'm gonna have to lay off benching again for another three weeks (im doing 5x5 intermediate, bench press monday and friday).  Anyone else have pain in the location where I described it?  And what did you do to help it heal?

I have this at present… popped during going nuts with ME bench, full ROM dips and heavy dumbell presses with full ROM in the same cycle.

Hurts to do bench or dips… also at the top end of a row or curl.

Pain near armpit, upper inside bicep. Hurts to prod as well.

Advice would be very helpful!

Using this as a bump and also a correction. My pain is actually on the middle ‘X’ in the picture above, what looks to be the biceps tendon, not the X to the left. It doesn’t hurt with daily activities, but if I over extend my arm, or rotate my arm to the back and around my back, I get a sharp pain. I only feel this while benching.

I’m gonna try some shoulder presses today and see if they hurt during those movements. Does not hurt on bicep curls or bicep-isolated exercises, strangely. Currently, I’m just icing it everyday for the last 3-4 days since I felt it. If anyone else has any suggestions or similar occurrences and what they did to heal, let me know. Thanks.

@Ronsauce Hey man did you fix this? I’ve have it for 3 years