Other Fat Loss Approaches (Poliquins, Serrano, Jay Robb, etc)

I’m suprised with all the talk about fat loss diets that there’s no talk about other dietery approaches to losing fat. I know the Anabolic Diet is very popular here, as well as the T-Dawg and even a lower fat diet. To be honest, none of these diets worked for me, I have and tried the Anabolic Diet, BodyOpus, Lyle’s Keto-Diet, and the T-dawg. I don’t know if I can’t metabolize fat as well but a low fat diet like Body-For-Life was even worse, tried it for a week and lost about 8 lbs, mostly muscle. So I am trying a different approach on my quest to reach contest-like condition. There is another approach that isn’t mentioned much here. Charles Poliquin uses it himself and on clients that can’t lose abdominal and chest fat (my problem). It’s mainly Lean protein every meal, some EFA such as Flax, fish oil, olive oil, etc, and 50g carbs from Fibrous green vegetables. Postworkout is just whey protein, and workout is german body comp. Every 5th day u get a free high carb meal and when your around 8%bf get a free cheat day. This approach is basically what Eric Serrano recommends, as well as Beverly International and Jay Robb in his Fat Burning Diet book, but carb meals are every 3 days and specific foods.

BTW, his book is basically what Bev Int seems to use as their fat loss diet. The rations are around 50-60%protein, 30-40%fat, and 20% carbs or less, usually much less. Anyway, anyone use this type of approach and if so what type of results have you seen? I’m following Poliquins recommendations that I got at his seminar. BTW, I’m doing 6meals, 3 scoops Ultimate Nutrition Protein post-workout. and 5 meals chicken or other lean meat, 1 tbsp flax or olive oil and 1 cup green beans. I weigh 235lbs, around 370-400g protein a day, about 100g fat, and 50g carbs. Any feedback would help, thanx

I have done and am doing the same type of diet with a lot of success. I follow about a 50% protein, 25-30%fat and 20%carb diet. Works great for me. I have gotten the leanest I have ever been and also gained a good bit of lean mass. BTW the anabolic diet and bodyopus didn’t work for me either so maybe this would work for you also. The only thing I did different was have two MRP’s a day. About 20 grams of carbs apiece and the rest of my minimal carbs came from fiberous veggies like broccoli around 70 carbs per day total and my cheat day was once a week not every five days. I also did German Body Comp. Once I got lean enough I increased my postworkout carbs and started a 12 week Ian King program. Works great, give it a try I think you will be pleased. Oh yeah, don’t forget to include at least 9 high quality fish oil caps a day like charles suggests. Dale Alexander are excellent.

I followed this diet for 6 months after doing consultations with charles I have also used beverly international. I found it worked well the first 6 weeks but then progress halted and my hormonal and metabolism took a dive. I got bloodwork done and found a big drop in testosterone, gh, and Thyroid I just started feeling shitty after a few months on the diet,I know it was the diet because When I brought carbs in I felt better. Make sure you get enough fats in at least 2 tbs udo’s or flax etc and additional mono fats would be good. My workouts started to become laborous and not fun. I found a diet of 45% protein 30% carbs low glycemic and 25% fats works best. Good look I didn’t mean to discourage you just wanted to give you a different outlook.

I’ve done a plan much like this one. I found that my fat levels went way down but I also lost some muscle. I also didn’t have much energy. I think if you are on some androsol this would work for short periods of time, but personally I can’t see myself gaining any lbm while on a plan like this.