Opinions for next routine

So its going to be beach season, and I’ve put myself in good postion throughout the last few months to achieve a “beach bod”(that sounds so cake!) without too much effort. What I’d like from any of you, are opinions as to what my next training routine will involve - volume vs intensity. I won’t really be changing my diet during this routine change but I will be supplementing MD6 and adding cardio (I’ll also be taking Methoxy and Tribex to counter the loss of test on stimulants and to maintain as much muscle as possible). I don’t need routines as much as I do opinions as to whether volume has worked better for you or lower reps higher intensity has. I’m presently sitting on the fence with a rep scheme of about 8 with about 16 sets per workout for two body parts. I’m thinking for “volume” I’d do GVT 2000 and for “intensity” I’d do a 5 rep 5 set per exercise type routine with limited overall sets. Any comments would be appreciated. Also I intend on going from one to the other once the 6 weeks have passed that I’ll be taking the stimulants for.

considering that you are doing 8 sets now and gvt utilizes 10, id ask you what your current “intensity level” is. if it is relatively low, id do the 5x5 (so that you can go from low intensity to high intensity). or you could simply alternate between the two, ie 3 weeks gvt, 3 weeks 5x5, or some alternating scheme. either way, id evaluate your current intensity levels. good luck!