Hi T-guys… i’m lookin for answers. haha well actually suggestions. I used to train under the nebraska football program but i was stupid so i’d do a weider routine on top of that (3 years ago). I followed those magazines so closely i did evrything but make love to them…well there was that one lonely…nevermind. Seriously though I reduced volume and made better gains(my diet was fucked up though very clean but not enough kcals) and then i eventually stalled and turned to HIT…i trained 2 days a week with about 2-3 sets per body part. This worked for a while and strength increase was good, size sucked, and I needed more activity. So I discovered T-mag. With the help of John Berardi’s articles I believe my diet is now considered excellent. The thing is i’ve been trying Ian King’s routines and while he has some good ideas…too much variety for me. I can’t really chart good progress with only 3 weeks and the switching of exercise. I was wondering how you guys train and where the happy medium is? Also i’m natural(i’m only going to be 19)and i’m going to take about 2-3 months to work on fat loss, Iam at 10-11% bf at 185 and would like to get down to 6%. Then as the summer winds down ,its on, and time for some weight.With one 9 week go round on massive eating so far I should have it fit to me personally the next time at it. I’ll be gone all weekend so many thanks in advance for your help, Mike

My suggestion is German Volume Training. To me it just fits perfectly with massive eating. Granted, it is boring as hell, but I like the old GVT much more than GVT2000. I did GVT without massive eating, and I used Nandrosol, and put on 10-12 pounds in a month. I am just finishing up a workout cycle,(drop sets…didn’t work too well for size, but I have had some great strength increases from it) and intend on starting another GVT cycle with massive eating and probably nandro-finasol. I personally can’t wait to see the gains…I am shooting for 15 to 20 pounds. (Understand gains are relative, I am 245, so 15 to 20 pounds for me is like a 5 to 10 pound gain for a 160 pound guy)