On TRT 12 Days Now. Help Please

So I am going to try to make it short but it will still be long so thanks in advance if you read this.

Straggled with depression and low energy since I was 15. I am 32 now and after trying lots lots of antidepressants (I am off all antidepressants for 2 years now) I decided to test my test because I read somewhere that it’s a huge factor.

My tests came back:
T :2.98 ng/ml
FT: 17.8 pg/ml

So yeah it was obvious it was low. So I went to my wife’s aunt who is an endocrinologist because where I live is really hard to start trt. After some convincing and tests the doctor was ready to put me on T (we only have nebido and ethanate here) but I had a bad feeling the she had zero experience on the matter because she never mentioned free test at all and her first dose was 250mg ethanate once a month… I was really bammed out but we discussed and she was open to increase the dose if I needed it and I figured I will split the dose myself since she was adamant on the once a month dose.

Went to the pharmacy right away. Gave him the prescription and asked for him to administer it… So everything was OK but when I went home and read the package (should have read it earlier but I was hyped) the T was nebido… I called my doc and she said yeah you can’t do just 250mg so go back and do the full 1000.

Didn’t make a big fuss because in my mind it was a higher dose. Anw fast forward 10days later I did a test because nebido peaks on 7-10 days and the results are:

T: 2.27 ng/ml
FT: 12.7 pg/ml

That’s like 30% less than when I started… Anyone has any idea what might be happening? I feel like shit so any advice would be appreciated. Waiting for my doc to call to see what’s going on.
Today I woke up and I feel like shit. I feel soo tired. Maybe is because I have been hitting the gym hard this 2 weeks and I am new but I dont know. BTW my shbg is on the lower end

I thought Nebido took weeks to peak?

Anyway, doesn’t sound like you have the best protocol.

If you want to do it, ask the doctor to prescribe 125mg of enanthate 1x week.
This is a very standard approach.

This is crazy and only clueless doctors are still prescribing protocols like these. You need to inject ethanate minimum every 7 days.

TRT will lower it to unless you have diabetes/metabolic syndrome.

The Nebido half-life is about 30 days, so peaking 7-10 days isn’t going to happen. As a rule of thumb it always takes 5x the half-life to reach steady states, so 5 months Nebido will peak.

So checking levels now is pointless.

Thanks so much for you response. I was basing this on the graph on the official website.
I understand though. I will wait some more time before I make any decisions.