Olympic Lifting

Im preparing for the New York States, Empire State games in June of next year. My current lifts totals are c&j: 225lbs/102.2kg snatch: 185lbs/84kg. Not bad for a lanky 6’1"/81kg sixteen year old. In any case i have a three week break comming up for the holidays. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge regarding Grease The Groove (high frequency) and olympic lifting as i have alot of free time to experiment. I have read that GTG yeilds amazing results in the O-lifts. Ex. Gablian Boeveski making an amazing recovery (world record c&j) after his knee surgery. I currently train 4x a week never going over 3 reps on any classic excercise. Please if anyone has any knowledge on the subject, training programs, articles, ect. please help. I would like to get my lifts to c&j:305lbs and snatch:225 lbs. And yes, i have the time to train multiple times a day.
Thank you all for making this the best forum on the web.

As far as I know, every OLer trains more than once every day, except maybe sunday. Try going 2-5 times per day, work up to a heavy single on a lift then drop down to something lighter & work back up to something heavier than the first single. Add weight whenever you feel like you can, I think Antonio Krastev (who trained 2x/day, 6 days/wk) could add weight every few days when he was making his biggest lifts ever.

Steve you may not get a lot of responses, as I may be the only pure O-lifter who posts here. That may be good or bad, as info overload can screw up anybody. Anyway, my two cents worth would be to follow the example of the lifters who have the most success: Bulgarians, Greeks and Russians, etc. You sound familiar with some of their programs (Grease the Groove) and are not afraid to train twice daily. This is good, but not really necessary. Once-a-day training if fine for a kid your age. It is VERY easy to burn out training twice a day. I would recommend going to Ironmind.com and there you will find a magazine named Milo which always has Olympic-lifting info. You’ll also find video tapes there for technique and motivation purposes if necessary. I train my fourteen year old brother with basic programs and info I have gained from my ten-year experience and I am very proud to say his lifts are C&J:115 kg, SN:95 kg, BSQT:160kg at a bodyweight of 105 kg. I didn’t post that to brag, (OK a little bit, I am the big brother) but to point out I have experience coaching teenage athletes. Just respond to this post if you need any further assistance.

As Joe Mills used to say, 3 times a week is best, twice is better than 4, once is better than 5. The reason those lifters can train twice a day everyday is because they are genetic freaks selected out of a very large pool. Those who could not handle this training frequency never made it. You’re only seeing the top small percentage of lifters from those countries. If you’re serious about O-lifting (which it sounds like you are), I suggest buying Arthur Dreschler’s Weightlifting Encyclopedia. Also you can post on goheavy with any questions (it’s much better than posting on a Bodybuilding website where people are telling you to lift 2x a day). Also, it seems like you have a coach, so ask him what works for lifters he’s worked with. Good luck.