Oatmeal Raw?

Lately I have been eating oatmeal raw, right out of the container…i eat it with a protein shake mixed in a bowl. Is it necessary that I cook it? How will it change its properties such as insulin release, etc. Any reasons why I shouldn’t do this? Thanx in advance.

I’m not positive, but I think I remember this question coming up a while back and the verdict was that eating raw oats is fine. You should try them Chris Shugart style. Cook them up with less water and then chill the oats until you have a chunky cake like substance. Then pour your protein shake or cottage cheese over it. Deliscious!

wait… you eat the little oats out of the tub? wow. do they swell up in your stomach like aspirin in a bird? As for that insulin stuff, I think you can still cook it, and if tastes horrible, I just put a little bit of protein powder in it… makes it thick and gives it a delicious chocolate flavor!!! it’s like hot chocolate-flavored mud! yum!

Hey Owen, I think it is alright to eat oats raw. They sell granola bars and those oats arent cooked, they have a lot of sugar in them but they still keep you going. Try mixing them with a little water. When you do this they are easier to eat because they dont stick to your mouth and you don`t really have to chew them. As a matter of fact, I am eating some raw oats with peaches right now.