NSCA Conference in San Antonio, TX

Anyone attending this conference in January? Jeff Stout and Tudor Bompa are among the presenters. I think I’ll hit it and write up an article. Anyone else? (Info here: www.nsca.com/Conferences/SSTC.htm)

Hey Chris
There’s a chance I might make it down there for that. I had a trip planned to to Corpus Christi which isn’t far…if I remember correctly I think the trip falls on the same weekend but I’ll have to check to be sure.

Hey Chris,
Yeah,sounds cool,what’s the date,time,place,cost? I live in Houston and would definitely try and run out there if I’m not working that weekend.

It’s on the 10th and 11th, a Thursday and Friday. (Not sure why they didn’t do it on a weekend.) All the info is at the site I listed above. It’s pretty expensive if you’re not a member. The focus is mainly on football and baseball this year.

Great location though. The River Walk area is a cool place to hang out at night. This will probably be one of those “stay up half the night and take MD6 all day” kinda events.

Chris, I’d be very interested in seeing an article summarizing their approaches to training for baseball.