Not plateauing

Im 15 ive been lifting heavy for awhile 4 months and i made good gains i think but i stopped and my bench is just a pathetitic 220 so maybee im like plateauing, so what should i do change reps tempo or what, also what tempo is best i read in testosterone about for strength and size 20-30 sec time under tension im i right if so do i always stay at that tempo im really new to this stuff as you can probabely tell and i cant type or spell very good either sorry about that.

Well yes, around 20-30 sec TUT is what you are looking for to increase strength. This is meant to have heavier weight with less reps and more sets. You also want to keep the rest higher between sets. If this is what you have been doing then change around the routine. Are you going for strength only or for size? You’re routine is going to be set around your goals. I would suggest trying poliquins maximal weights program or 1,6 program. Both of these will help to get you past a sticking point. You could also not do bench. Try doing lots of wokr on your tries and delts. This will help you out a ton. If you are really looking to just gain some strength look at how the westside guys train. Try to split into dynamic and max effort days. These work very well. Bottom line is there are many different ways you can go about this goal. Try switching up our routine to one of the above ones and one WILL work for you.

Dude, a 220 bench for a 15 yr old is far from pathetic! That being said, it is time to change things up if you’ve been doing the same thing for 4 months.

You’re 15???
You’ve been working out for 4 months???
And you’re complaining already???

I’m 28, been working out for probably more than 10 years, 6’, 200 lbs, and my bench has been stuck at 225 for I don’t know how long (1 year+). I’ve tried everything…different routines, stopped flat bench altogether (worked a little bit). Do I sweat it? Absolutely not!
Sometimes I get a little upset when I don’t go up in weight or reps from one workout to the next, then I realize that if I gave it 110%, can barely drag my ass out of the gym and am sore the next day (2 days, 3 days…) I’m happy.
First figure out your goals, then read T-mag from issue 1, and by that time you’ll see some improvement.