Not everyone does it like we do

If the moderator will let this through: Note Janet Jackson: 900 cals. 900! What a little t-mag would do for people.

Fat people disgust me…they walk around like it isn’t their fault they look like shit…well guess what…it IS. Whats even worse is that if you showed them t-mag they would laugh and say “that would never work”

I’ll happily, yet possibly inaccurately generalise here: Not everybody is as intelligent as we are.

There’s this cashier at work who is always compplaining that she used to weigh 120lbs & wore bikinis, etc until she had a kid. Now she’s pretty heavy & went to a doctor who put her on a diet that was 1600-1800 calories which doesn’t seem like too little for a girl, but she says she couldn’t (wouldn’t) follow it. Now every shift I hear her telling somebody about how she’s getting a breast reduction. Her “overly huge” DD boobs are too big for her I guess & she “can’t” lose weight to make them a more managable size. I say she’s got serious head problems if she thinks she needs a reduction & won’t lose 30lbs especially if she brings it up just out of the blue ie.‘ooh only 10 days until my operation’, etc.

900 calories a day? Isn’t she hungry? How does somebody go to the gym and ONLY eat 900 calories day? FURTHERMORE…she probably has a trainer…so how can this person (who is SUPPOSED to be trained) allow her to do this?

I eat ~1800 and don’t regret a single one. Am I part of a dying breed of women?

Drax, two options: 1. Tell her how it really is, straight up, no bullshit. Do it once and never again - if she doesn’t listen that time, she never will. 2. Forget about it and don’t bother listening to her whinging. Like most people, she’s just making excuses for herself.

“Am I part of a dying breed of women?” unfortunately yes. there is so much bullshit information about diet these days that the average american woman is not only misinformed and uneducated on the matter, but they are also to stubborn to change their views. If you were to tell a woman she will look better if she eats more calories she will think you are a fucking idiot. then if you give her scientific information proving it, she will get confused and say that the info is wrong because one of her friends just eats 600 calories a day from a bagel, soup, and salad and she is skinny. it truely is a sad situation.