What is norandren comparable to?

Deca? is that correct?

Diluted Toilet water

SP, read in a thread that you were still looking for a response to a steroid question. I’m assuming this is it. If it isn’t let me know on this thread what else you need.

Yes, Norandren 50 is deca. It's vet deca. Its fine. I was comfortable taking it. If you want to further clean it up,if you feel that necessary, I think Brock spoke of syringe filters to use. I used it as is. Its just like using the 50mg redijects. It is an outdated product now that you can get Ttokkyo deca at 300mg per ml/cc vs. 50 per ml/cc of norandren. You can also opt for the aussie Denkal deca. If you have it though, use it. Its fine.

Bodz, Thanks for responding. Basically, I started the fat fast diet Monday, and took 1 redi-ject of sus 250, to help keep my muscle mass. Since, I have decided to use up all the gear I have on a short 3 week cycle (figured, why not. Maybe put a couple of pounds on for summer) I don’t have much though, 2 more redi jects of sus 250, a 10cc bottle of d-bol 25mg/cc, 10 cc’s of norandren 50 (which I opened 2 yrs ago, is it still O.K.?), and 60 tabs of stenox, 2.5 mg. (I may not use the stenox because it is very toxic) My question is what would be the best way to use this? I think I may turn it into a 2 week cycle, because not enough gear. I wrote to Brock’s personal e-mail, and just got a response. He said “don’t have enough stuff, don’t waste your time.” No shit, I don’t have enough stuff. But, by loading my body for 2 weeks with extra testosterone can only help me, plus side effects will be slim to none since it’s such a short duration. I plan on using tribex 500 at the end of the cycle. If I put on 2 lbs. of muscle and keep it, and lose a little more fat, then to me it was not a waste of time. I haven’t used any gear in 2 year and had it around. Figured why the hell not. Kinda being a guinea pig for others. Maybe it will do me a lot of good. When I finally find a supplier, I will take better cycles based off of the steroids for health article in TESTOSTERONE. Please let me know what you think. Look forward to conversing with you in the future!!!
P.S. I am 24 years old, and have read all of the literature I could get my hands on about gear since I was 19. I have been out of the scene for a while, so don’t know the latest info. I was certified through ISSA 2 years ago, just to educate myself, had a 2 day seminar with Tom Platz, awesome!!! (Just wanted you to know I’m not just another moron on this forum who want to know “what exercises will help my singing.” I don’t know if you saw that thread, I couldn’t believe it.
Thanks again BODZ SP-

Yeah, you don’t have enough, but, if you are just cleaning out the cupboard, so to speak…well, try this: Monday take another 250 sustenon, drink 1/2 cc of dbol in am and 1/2 cc before 3pm. You’ll do this for five days, then you’ll be out. The following monday take your last 250 of sustenon and 5 tabs of sten in the am and 5 tabs before 3pm. You’ll do this for six days, then you’ll be out. Throw the norandren out. It probably isn’t bad, just not full potency now. I wouldn’t waste an injection of such low quality. If I were you, I’d stack this cycle with a bottle of Nanrosol, 70 sprays twice a day. But, that is your decision. I think with what little gear you have, you should put on the two lbs of muscle you spoke of, even while on a fat fast. If you add the Nandrosol, I would expect another 2-4lbs. Hope this helps. And I know what you mean about cleaning out the cupboard. I have some cytomel that I don’t use anymore. Probably have 175 25mcg tabs that are just sitting there. My thyroid is functioning fully, even at 41, so why bother. But, its tempting sometimes.

Bodz, I have heard this before (drinking d-bol) but, never have read about it. Wouldn’t it be more effective if I shot it? I was thinking about coming off w/ tribex 500, you think I should use nandrosol, then end w/ tribex, or no tribex? Also, what do you think about the toxicity of stenox? O.K. for a short period of time? Thank you very much, you have been a big help. (You are by far my favorite, and the most helpful person on this board.) Thanks for everything, Hopefully you won’t mind if I come to you w/ questions in the future. If you are ever stumped with a problem, throw it out. You never know, maybe I can help you. Thanks Again_

Bodz, It’s me again. First off, do you think it’s better to take the tabs sublingually (less stress on the liver) Do you feel tabs should be taken through out the day up until 3 P.M. until I have reached 10, or 5 at a time. One last question, why before 3 P.M.? Sorry for so many questions, but this is how one learns and accels. Consider yourself a mentor to me. Maybe I’ll run into you at some trade show that Testosterone is at, and you will see what your knowledge has helped sculpt. Thanks Again, I appreciate all of your help. SP-

ok, lets see if I can remember everything you asked. #1 dbol is better orally. You get a double pass through the liver. I can’t explain why it is better with a double pass, but it is. Not sure if anyone knows why. #2 take the sten orally not sublingually, it was designed to withstand the first pass through the liver. #3 Toxicity of stenox is only a concern if cycle is longer than 4 weeks at the dosages you are taking or combined with another toxic drug. #4 Take Nandrosol with the drugs. #5 Take tribex for five weeks post cycle at 5 twice a day. #6 Stenox has a half life of 9-10 hours. what that means is that after 9-10 hours, you only have half as much in your system as what you took. Your cycle isn’t that critical, you could divide the dosage into 4-3-3 before 3pm, to maintain a more even level, but it isn’t necessary. You are stopping at 3pm, because you don’t want to be wide awake at 12am. Steroids usually cause some sleep problems as it is. With orals, you get a gradual lessening of the drug. If you were to take 1000mg of test per week, you’d have trouble sleeping for at least a week. They stay active in the system for a week not hours. You are also trying to mimic and stay in-tune with your body’s own T-production cycle with the dosing schedule. If you took it at say 10pm, then your body would slow down its own production. If you add to the times your body normally puts out, then in a short cycle, your body will not undercompensate for the added drugs. Example: Your body puts out 2, you add 1, that equals 3. Your are one ahead of the game. You add 1 when your body doesn’t normally put out, then when it is time for your body to add, it senses 1 and only puts in 1. So now you are at normal production of 2. In prolonged periods 3+ weeks of injectible, your body puts out less and less of its own juice. Orals have the same rule. The only exception would be low dosage orals before 9am for 12 weeks? possibly. I think Bill or Brock could answer that one. Good luck.

O.K., last question. Although my d-bol is meant for injections, I can just drink it? Should I put it in water, or just shoot it? Or do I put it in a gel cap? Thanks Bodz.

SP, just draw out what you need in your syringe and unscrew the needle. Shoot it into your mouth and swallow. You can reuse the needle and syringe, since sterility or dull needle is not an issue. You can drink whatever you want after to get rid of any bad taste. Oh, and I looked at my previous post. It should be 1cc am and 1cc before 3pm not 1/2cc.