need some info

I am going to go a cycle and i need some info on these three types of sauce.How good are they, and what should i expect?
Sten, testerona 2ml made by atlantis
Nolvadex 10mg tabs made by zeneca
Stenox flouximesterona made by atlantis
Thanks T

How can you be looking to do a cycle if you don’t even know what the items are that you’ll be using? You obviously need to do a LOT more research…but, being the kind man I am, I’ll give you a bit of info.

Sten - you’re going to be a human pincushion if you base a cycle on that stuff. Everyone loves the effects, but when you need 2ml for such a low amount of test, it’s hardly worth using unless it’s in conjunction with another type fo test.

Nolvadex - do you know what this stuff is for? It’s not “sauce” and if you think it’ll give you gains, you need to hit the boards for more info before popping any. It’s an anti-estrogen, NOT a steroid!

Stenox - Also known commonly as halotestin. Very hard on your liver, and at only 2.5mg per tab, you’re not going to be able to safely take enough to make serious gains. Supposed to be good for strength and adding a kick of aggression, but I use them sparingly, so I don’t know about the effects of using them in a cycle. They aren’t all THAT potent for making you stronger or more aggressive from what I’ve seen, so don’t expect miracles.

My advice - take a few weeks to learn a LOT more about what you’ve got for gear so you don’tend up popping anti-estrogens thinking they’ll make you huge, then look for better gear to use when you’re ready. As far as what to expect, let me say that all the gear in the world won’t go too far if you’re not eating enough and training intelligently, so if you aren’t already doing these things, you’ll make better gains just by fixing the core problems.

Flax, Just wanted to say that you’re my hero. What restraint!! Lucky s.o.b. is glad you answered his question!! Thanks for setting such a fine example of how we can all be civil and even courteous! :]