Sustanon 250(virgin cycle)

wazz up? i don’t want to squander away my chance’s for my first cycle. i am planning on taking 500mg the first week as recommended by bill roberts and other guru’s…since sustanon has a long half life, do i need to take a shot the next week(2nd week) or wait 2-3 weeks for the next shot? im confused on how long i should stay on the cycle…sustanon is the only gear i can find…i read about two weeks on four off…would this cycle work for sustanon? i also am going to lay of the weights and do the combat conditioning program…taking in 20-30 grams of ammino’s before working out and taking surge post recovery…i’ve read that you have to consume double the amount of calories when your on gear. would 2.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight be overkill? as for nutrition will use a lot of whole milk and red meat’s, tuna, salmon,flax seed oil, fruits and veggies(for fiber)even some pasta… making myself eat every 2-3 hours… then when i’m off the gear i hit tribex methoxy-7 for 2-3 weeks…can i use Androsol or Nandrosol when coming off gear?? i apologize for all the newbie questions! thanks in advance!!!

Sounds like you honestly need to research a little bit more before getting on gear for the first time. MAKE SURE YOU ARE TOTALLY PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING!!! Such as eats, workout, cardio, rest, etc. You were not specific as to what results you would like to see, so I need more info. If you are wanting big muscle mass gains, then the two week cycle isn’t worth a shit!! It is even worse for you, since it is your first cycle. If you want big muscle mass gains, then you should do the Gramabol cycle. It is a cycle specifically for Sustanon 250. Use the search method and you will find the cycle on this site. The article is very specific as to what you should do. You will encounter side effects on this cycle (alot less if you are prepared). You should expect 40-45 lbs on this cycle. If you have any other questions, just post on this thread.

If you’re going on your virgin cycle (the best one you’ll ever have), the worst thing you could do iis to waste it and do the c.conditioning instead of lifting weights. The matt fury program builds muscular endurance, and doesn’t do much for size or maximal strength. 2.5 grams/pound is a lot. 1.5/pound is more realistic (and less costly). Do not use androsol or nadrosol when coming off steroids. You want to get your tesicle working to their full potential again, not deplete their production anymore. Do not use deca in the 2 on four off method. The point of that time scheme is to prevent testicular shutdown/atrophy. Deca has a long half life (ie. It stays in your system for quite a long time), so it wouldn’t make sense to cycle it in that way. Hope this helps a bit. Keep on researching the webpage for more details before injecting yourself. You still have more to learn.

Thanks fella’s for your advice!! As for diet I like TC’s chanko diet, easy to prepare and inexpensive. Although I get a little tired of tuna so I have been using canned chicken for variety. When I can’t handle the chanko diet I’ll give the get big diet a shot. Workout I wanted to give combat conditioning a shot, but I will stick with the iron such as deadlifts, squats, and presses. I want to put on at least 20-25 pounds of muscle while leaning out, but if I gain more I’m all for it! I really want to lean out I am about 19% body fat ,currently 5’8” 210 lbs…I was thinking of periodization of CC in between each cycle. Rest anywhere from 8-10 hours a night (no more skinmax)…. Diet and rest is what I screw up all the time. The gramabol cycle sounds really good, but I can only get 4 amps of sustanon 250 every 2-3 weeks. Anti-estrogen’s
are hard to come by. Tribex is my best bet. Thanks for all your help Tyson. Hope I make sense, I’m open to suggestions. I’m excited and scared (water retention)at the same time. Thought I had a handle on constructing a cycle…Thank you soooooo much……chris

Stay away from the sustanon man and steroids in general. Do you want boobies and acne. People will call you baldie. I am talking from experience hear.

spear im alreay bald…i cant keep my hair short enuff…i go thru razor’s like crazy…how long should a sustaon cycle be? i take it the 2 weeks on and 4 off wont apply here…im looking at trying to gain 25-30 lbs of muscle…i dont want to go crazy with the gains, i would like to keep some off it when i come off the cycle…i only have access to 4 amps of sustanon every 2-3 weeks…since this is my first cycle do 500mg do? or 750mg for the fist week then slowy taper down to 250 a week…i have no access to any ani-estrogen, just tribex…from what ive been reading—sustanon doesnt kick in until the second or third week…this is correct? i plan on switching from weights for a 3-4 weeks to combat conditioning for a 2-3 weeks then hit the iron again…im not clear on how long the cycle should be…brock or bill please help… i keep hearing different people recommending different lengths of the cycle to how long much to you should take for the first cycle…i would like hear what you have to say before i inject it…assuming that i get the right nutrition eat 1.5-2 grams of protein and get enough rest(8-10 hours)…thank you

Here are some real facts:

  1. The virgin cycle gains theory is a myth. If you did a light winstrol cycle then a heavy test cycle, there would be no diffrenece in gains compared to the vice versa. It’s true that gains will go at an exponential rate, BUT this is because of the law of diminishing returns.
  2. Never taper up or down. It’s a waste of time and money. 250mg of test is just as repressive as 1000mg. On the other don’t confuse this with front loading, which is usefull.
  3. Anti-E’s are availble for everyone. Don’t take the risk, they are very easy to find.
  4. Longer chained esters = longer cycle. You can’t do a 2 week on protocol with sust or any long chained ester. By the time you stop , you are in fact on, defeating the purpose. Test propionate, acetate or suspension could be used for the 2 week protocol.
  5. Don’t bridge with androsol/nadrosol. Bridging should never be done with any anabolic or androgenic steroid, including andro.
  6. To gain mass train hard and eat big. Don’t pussy foot around.