Need Help Making a Program for Beginner Girl

Hi, i would like give some good articles and program for a girl who want start to training.

Something “simple” enough to gets good results and also who explain a bit how to eat healthy and so on, i can explain a bit but it’s more complicated for me, if u know somes good articles for alimentation in this forum who give the key and a program for her like 3* a week and run or swimming with that

What’s her goal?

To be a bit more fit, and get a esthetics body, more muscles i guess, to “levels up”

Thats really, really broad. Almost any program out there will do those things. She could just commit to doing 100 squats a day and it would work. Or find a sport she enjoys and participate a few times a week. Download a “coach to 5k” app, etc. With goals that broad, it would be really, really difficult to find a program or approach that wouldn’t work, at least until the enthusiasm wears off.


Ok so i will a full body, it’s maybe good for start, and after, will see, i was thinking the same than u, but just i search a good articles about how to manage the diet and like that she can understand, it’s also important, i will search something here

If you want details on practical steps to take “Fat Loss Happens on Mondays” by Josh Hillis and Dan John is fantastic for a regular reader, I think.

Otherwise, my TL:DR is this:

  • Drink water
  • Eat lean protein and veggies
  • Thats it.

3 work sets per exercise


Thw for your advice, i will give this book

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I personally think there is very little difference between the male and female trainer at early stages. So I would say 2 work outs, Work out A, work out B. Week one do A B A. Week 2 do B A B.

Work out A:
Barbell / one arm row

Work out B:
Front squat
Dead lift (can do stiff leg)
Pull up

Use the 8-12-8 method. Finish each session with 5 x 30 second high effort sprints (on a machine followed by 30 seconds rest).

For mass gain: Diet here.

There’s always this.

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Thanks really :wink:

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