Nandrosol and Androsol and Tribex 500

I have been hearing alot about these products,do they really work or is it like any other product out there that claims to do the impossible.
i weigh around 215 lbs and have been weight training 5 years,i just cannot seem to get the results i am striving for.i consume around 220 grams of protein a day i eat about 3000 calories of good healthy food.
i want to try these products but i don’t want to waste my money.i am looking to put on more mass hopefully around 10 to 15 more lbs.
could someone please help.
thank you

Snickers…then chuckles…then falls flat on the fucking floor laughing. Your 215 and eating 3000 calories a day? You could friggin do STEROIDS and not gain muscle with that amount of calories!! Bro I am 256 and eat about 6000 calories a day! READ “MASSIVE EATING”!!

Those products are great, but whopper is right. You need more protein and calories. For protein you need at least 300 to 350 per day at your weight if you’re trying to add muscle. I’d bump up the calories by at least 500 too. After that, then use the supplements. You’ll love the results.