Cmon help me out- sets and reps

Hey whats up t-men. What are the best sets and reps to use for weight gain? Supplements or anything that would help with the weight gain would help?

First analyze your diet! There are several great articles on this site - just do a search! Also, for raw hardcore weight gain/mass gain, lower reps & higher weights may be helpful (no cardio).

22 Sets per exercise, 18 reps per set. Minimum 9 exercises per session. If you can get in three sessions a day then you will be well on your way!! Personally I only drink protein mixed with Ukrainian Yak Hair and Llama Milk. Or you might start at the FAQ’s.

Do a search of the previous issues. There is endless amounts of information at your figertips. Just do a search and keep reading. Remember to eat, that’s the biggest thing.

Twinkies, doughnuts, ho-ho’s, cinnamon rolls, Coke, Pepsi, hotdogs, Yoo-Hoo, etc. Eat a lot of these foods and don’t weight train and you should easily gain a lot of weight. If you’re interested in increasing your muscle mass and strength then search the T-mag archives and look at the FAQ’s.

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Professor X

Read all the “dawg school” articles at T-mag and the “diet manifesto” article.

buy Ian King’s book Get Buffed! it will clue you in on a lot of workout info and for supplements, just do word searches on the web here at T-Mag.

GETTING BIGGER FOR DUMMIES 5-12 sets per bodypart, 8-12 reps per set to near failure, each bodypart 1-2 times per week. You need to eat more and need 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. You will also need a better attitude because if you are too lazy to read the FAQ and past articles you sure as hell dont have what it takes to get bigger. The best supplements in most health food stores are called winstrol and deca.

Even though I was initially not going to answer this question, due to its lazy, ignorant presentation, I will give you my two cents worth. #1 Squat (no half squats, get a good spotter and go hams to calves. In other words, DEEP. #2 Add 600 calories to your diet every day via an MRP. #3 After a month add 600 more calories for a total of 1200 additional calories daily. Do this only if you are not getting too fat. #4 Go for one more month of 1200 additional calories and see what happens. I put a client on this using Twin Lab Mass Fuel (this is still a quality product, 50P 100C 0F), you could also use Surge. He started at a bodyweight of 160lbs at 5’9 8% bodyfat and ended up at 198 10% bodyfat in three months. His squat went from 150 (he never squatted before and had chicken legs) to 350. Most guys aren’t training hard enough or eating enough.

Well, Al, have you been flamed enough? I expect you’ve gotten the message that research is your best bet. (And perhaps an apology of sorts is in order…just something to think about.)