My Damn Legs!

I posted a week ago about how my legs become extremely sore after workouts. This last workout I did 9 total sets for legs, rep ranges were 8-12, TUT was fast, rest periods were 90 seconds, and I never went to failure. I warmed up for 10 minutes prior, stretched for 10 mins, lifted, and strecthed for 15 after. You’d think I wouldn’t be sore but now I’m more sore than ever. The next day I could barely walk. Two days later about the same but now I was able to stretch. Its now been 4 days and I’m still sore. I have no clue what’s going on. My upper body doesn’t really get sore and I’m doing the same type of TUT, reps, volume. Someone help me find out a solution to this please!

It possibly could be the stretching that is making you sore. Do you always stretch or is this just something you recently started incorporating? Also when doing hamstring exercises such as conventional stiff-legged deadlifts the muscle will often feel sore just from the loaded stretch that takes place during the movement.

The stretching alone that you are doing could be accounting for a lot of the soreness you are experiencing. Cut everything in half and work back up to a level where you are not so sore.

I’d say it was just the volume that made you sore, so there’s nothing wrong with you. If you did 9 sets of 8-12 you did 72-108 total reps for your legs, which is a whole lot. That’s roughly the same as GVT & people get really sore doing that, going to failure or not. I think that sort of volume is recommended by Hartmann & Tunnemann in their book for that sort of intensity as well (70-75%)

I have the same problem. For at least four full days after squatting I have to hold on to a wall to squat down on the toilet. I’ve tried everything you can imagine to reduce the soreness, but nothing has helped. For a long time I just kept reducing the weight I was using, thinking “Well, I’m getting sore, so I guess that was enough”. I ended up just getting really weak in the squat. Now I just resign myself to limping constantly.

i used to get the same sorness, but i actually increased my volume and trained more often, i now train legs 2 times every 6 days, the truth is i would still be sore (and was uneducated about overtraining) but i would go into the gym while still slightly sore and force myself to train the next day the soreness was gone, no i train with maybe a litle more volume than i should and i never get sore (what i am saying is it takes a shit load for me to get sore) but now i can train more often and harder and not worry about crazy painfull soreness (just a little stiffness).
i dont know if this will help u, but just a thought,
try it train legs again in like 2 days and see if it helps in your overall recovery hell it helped me

its definitely not the stretching that’s making me sore. i have always stretched prior to workouts. i tried doing it after my last one to see if it would help but it didnt. thanks for the help everyone. doogie, i have the exact same problem. my strength in the squat is seriously embarassing now. went from a 365 full max squat and doing 12 reps of 225 to only doing 225 3-4 times now. i’m going to do some leg work tomorrow despite being sore and see what happens. i’ll post with update.

I’ve read in a number of places that stretching after a WO for reduced soreness is a pile of garbage, and I have experienced as much… so I wouldn’t be too concerned over that. Well, perhaps you’ve got some kinda genetic-leg-muscle-fibre disorder… [shrug] 'cos if it’s not that, then bud you’ve just gotta deal with it…! And if your upper body isn’t as sore then perhaps you’re not working it hard enough. If you keep swapping the exercises and variables all the time then that’s most likely the reason you’re sore after each work out. If you stop that then the soreness will go away, but so will the growth obviously… I’d say the time you’ve been training plays a part too. In the first year and a half I trained I was sore as a MoFo, but now at the four year mark I ‘wish’ I could be that sore again. All things to think about. Cheers.

try doing some type of workout the next day, such as dragging, to get blood flowing through the muscles. should help with the recovery.