My Combat Conditioning Article Is Done!

Just finished writing my article “My Combat Conditioning Experiment.” I sent the article to Matt Furey for his approval and he loved it. I just sent it off to TC and hopefuully everyone will see it soon. Thanks to Nate Dogg and everyone else who supported me on this.

Mike, you are the man! I can’t wait to see it. You’re top dogg bro!

That’s awesome Mike! Thanks for writing the article… I’m really looking forward to seeing it, and I know many others are too!

Great work. I look forward to reading it. I think I’m going to purchase the videos of Combat Conditioning as opposed to the books because I remember thinking Hindu Squats were to be done slowly until I saw the Flash Demo on Matt’s website.

BTW, to Erik Larsen. Is that an alias or are you the guy that writes Savage Dragon the ultimate Testosterone comic book?

Thanks guys, ya phenomenon, hindu squats are done as fast as you can without compromising form of course. When you can do 500 in 16 minutes you are the man. I have been doing squats with the portable power jumper for the last few weeks and man they rock! I am up to 110 and it is a killer. When I can do 200 my legs will probably burst through my pants! I cannt imagine doing 500!

What’s up phenomenon. Nah, actually Erik Larsen is my real name, and I’m not the comic book guy… just a loyal T-mag reader who’s been here since before day one. I’ll have to check that Savage Dragon out though. Sounds cool.