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Hey T people. first off Mike Mahler…great article. 2nd I’m curious to know, now that people have been using the exercise more and have had a chance to chart progress, how are they effecting you. I really want to start incorportaing these exercise . Right now my goal since i’m cutting is strength. I 'm doing a 4 day a week program with low reps, 1 of those days being TC’s sprint program. I like the idea of fuctional strength. How do you guys work these exercises in with adequate recovery. also , did anyone try the power wheel that MF sells. It seems good, and i have a regular wheel that i use in one of my two weekly ab workouts, but eh is talkin about people losing 5 inches in a short period of time. seems informercial-ish to me . any who thanks for your help Mike

Heya Manimals, Just a big fan thus far of ComCon and want this thread bumped up. Evil I am…hehe. I Did a cool routine at work this evening w/ handstand pushups. I did a set of five then a slower eccentric set of four, and so on down to a one reper. It was slightly more than quality grade kickass. Do I get a T-shirt when I reach a hundred posts?

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I like it, the back bridge is the staple exercise for a wrestler’s conditioning. Other one’s I like are front bridges; flip around and do same thing. Also, if you are training for the sake of kicking ass, do box jumps. The most important thing for combat besides knowing how to fight is knowing how to use the strength you have. I know people who can anhillate people much stronger than them by using their strength smarter. Pavel TS----- taled about this. Try some of his techniques. Next time you punch one your friends tighten up yout torso, loosen up you shoulders and start the punch from your toe. Your blow should not come from your upper body, it should follow through with your lower then central mass. You can easily knock someone over by doing this right.

Mike, I use the power wheel on a regular basis and love the device. It has made my midsection more sturdy and you really feel it in the lower abs. You can also do, pushups with it as well as shoulder emphasis pushups(similar to handstand pushups) I would also recommend the Power Pushup 2 and Portable Power Jumper to add resistance to Hindu Squats and pushups. My follow-up article on how I combined weight lifting with CC will be done soon.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve had to cut my ComCon down drastically. Ever since my weight training became more intense, I’ve needed more recovery time. Also, I use two days during the week for stadiums or mountain biking…the weekends are my only chance to do any of the Combat Conditioning exercises. I did some handstand pushups yesterday and knocked out 10 reps (my best so far). I can also do a handstand from the gargoyle position with relative ease. And of course, you can find me practicing walking on my hands at various times and in various places! :slight_smile: