Muscle weight

Hey I am a lineman on my highschool football team and size is very important ive gained a few pounds but mostly fat some of it has been muscle though but i want it to be more muscle weight gains than fat well how do i do this do you change anything in your strength program to gain muscle weight or is this more of a diet issue if so how do i do this?

thats one hell of a runon sentence. When i was in high school i did a bill starr type routine that made me very strong. Im not gonna lie. I was fat as hell. But i was very strong and could run a consistent 4.9 40. I ate like 7 horses which im sure was resposible for the weight gain. when your goal is to play lineman, you need to be as close to an immovable object as possible. try one of the bill starr routines. it revolves around squatting which is what you need as an athlete.

If you’re a lineman who gives a shit if you have a gut…you’ll need all the mass you can get. Just eat big and lift big. Stick to compound movements (squats, deadlifts, power cleans, bench, military press, dips)and eat everything in sight.

I have had a lot of luck using Pavels bear routine. Take 90% of 1 rep max, do 5 reps, rest 3-5 min, perform another 5reps, drop weight if you have to. Then with another drop, perhaps then 75%, do a lot of 5 rep sets with <60sec rest. Dont fatigue, dont go to failure, do at least 10 sets. I did this alt between bench and chin, (def not pulldown), lower body deadlifts only, 2 x5 with 90% 1rm. only did those three exercises, m-w-f, on 1 week did the upper body as above on m-f, on w, did just the 2 sets with the upper body, high volume on deadlift. week 2, swapped.
4 weeks, 8 pounds BW gain, strength shot up, body fat dropped. Am going back to it in 1 more week. Not a lot of agreement with what I am doing from others, but I have noticed and others have asked if I am juicing. (never have)

Definetly a diet issue. Caculate your calorie needs (there are many articles, check out the FAQ). I am suggesting times and type of nutrients are the most beneficial. But, you ain’t gonna pack on much size with out a good food intake. For Football, try 30-30-40. Also postworkout is crucial. I have a slow ass metabolism for my age, yet i try to get 60-100 carbs + protein.

… Vary your program time to time.

sean: A lineman should have four (4) basic objectives in his strength program (yes, your emphasis should be on strength, not merely aesthetics). 1) A strong center of gravity that allows stability when pushing OR being pushed against. 2)Explosive, plyometric power movements, especially out of the full squat position 3)Strength developed from both isometric contractions (ie force exerted against an immovable object)or NEAR isometric (forward and reverse sled and/or auto push/pulls; DO NOT do these without proper supervision AND your parent’s permission!) and 4)A strong strengh base with mass. Lineman “should” be the strongest squatters on the team (even though it’s been reported that “Bo” Jackson and “Rocket” Ishmiael were some of the strongest squatters on their respective college teams). HOWEVER, WITH THAT BEING SAID, DON’T GO JUST FOR NUMBERS, BUT FOR STRENGTH! What about diet? If you are working out with the intensity that you should, there is no question that JB’s “Massive Eating” is the way to go. As a young buck, testosterone should be dripping from your pores and your metabolism (between working out hard and eating clean) should support the diet. As has been stated AD NAUSEUM: 1)You will gain SOME fat and 2) ADJUST, ADJUST, ADJUST if your fat gains far exceed that of lean mass. Hope this helps.(Oh…almost all States now have some Division 1 Football Camp; keeps the student atheletes employed and is a good way to get around some sticky NCAA rules. Attend one if you can…what state are you in?)

Well, your punctuation and grammer definitely indicate that you are football player, so I will approach this at a fairly simplistic level. Lay off the potato chips! You obviously are partaking in some form of weight-training regimen being a football player, but you need to concentrate on eating the foods that will make your muscles grow and not your waist size! This site is full of a plethora of great gaining diets that, when coupled with good training, are magnificent for putting solid mass on you. I suggest delving into the search engine and seeing what you could find. My hunch is that there will be more there than you can digest(metaphorically obviously) in one evening.

Train hard, eat clean, and get lots of rest. Make sure you get enough protein 1.5 gram per pound bodyweight or so. The rest should be good fats (flax oil, fish oil…or eat salmon, canola oil isn’t bad) and quality carbs that have lots of micronutrients (veggies and fruit mostly). If you don’t go wild with your overall calories, and you don’t exist soley on Big Macs and twinkies you should grow muscle if you’re training. There is ton’s of good diet and training advice in the previous issues, I’d look around there, you can learn a lot.

a piece of advice, eat, eat, eat, eat, train, eat again, sleep, eat some more

thanx guys for your answers but im wondering about my diet well eat alot ok got that I get the proteein carbs and i get enough of fat but about calories ive been reading some articles where you need 4,00 calories If i get most oif my calories from good carbs and pproteins ill gain right, At gmc im thinking about taking weight gainer 2000 would a weight gainer be good for me so i can get my cals?


sean: I’m missing something…you said you get enough protein, carbs and fat BUT not enough calories??? Then you are not getting enough protein, carbs and fats (either one or some combination of the three).It looks like the T-Mag gang needs to try to clear something up for you; that’s part of what the Forum is for!

Ok kid, I went through the same thing in high school. First you have to get your diet straitened out. You need to drink one gallon of milk a day, skim or 1%. Thats 128g protein right there. You also need to eat every 2-3 hours. So bring extra sandwiches(tuna, roast beef, etc.) to school and eat them between classes between breakfast and lunch. I’m assuming you lift right after school, so don’t eat between lunch and the end of school. Now I know you probably have been hearing about surge and certain protein/carb ratio’s but forget about that for now…your goal is to eat as much as possible after you workout. Throw in a protein shake and then just eat. Then eat more. Don’t eat any fats after your workout though.

I have no problems gaining muscle instead of fat. What I do is eat every 3 hours, 300-400 calories. You don’t want to eat a great deal at every meal - after about (depends on the person) 700 calories+, your body may store it as fat. Secondly, I don’t drink beer at all, nor any alcohol on a full stomach (slows metabolism, stores fat), and I eat no fried food nor high fatty foods. ALl my fat comes from Salmon, peanuts, that type of thing.