Muscle Insertion Points And Muscle Length


Over the past few weeks i have read quite bit about muscle belly and tendon length and insertion points on this website. It’s quite interesting. However, I would like to know how does one determine if one’s muscle belly is long or short, it all seems so subjective. Are there any guidelines when determining the length of muscle bellies, i.e. what is considered a long muscle belly? Is there any way to objectively measure this, without comparing oneself to others? I mean I could compare my arm to Casey Viator’s, but I don’t think that would help me much as his is much bigger, and thus by definition looks way different.

Anyone on this? I would like to know myself. Thanks.

Search for “Albert Beckles” on this site and look at his picture. That is a short biceps muscle belly. When he contracts it, the muscle belly falls far short of the point where his arm bends between his forearm and humerus. That term means very little outside of the biceps muscle and possible the calves where the insertion may be higher or lower. Many black athletes have higher calf muscles than asians. It means the majority of the bottom portion of the calf muscle is largely tendon.