Just have a few questions about vitamins. First, i usually have about 3 mrps a day that contain the essential stuff. I am also taking 2 tablets of the GNC megamen vitamins in the morning. Do you think i am getting too many vitamins because of all of the mrps in addition to the multis. It says on the bottle of the megamens to take 2 tablets daily with food. should i just take 1 instead though. also, my next question is when is the best time to take the vitamin(s). should i always take them with the first meal, or should i split it up if i am taking 2 a day. Thanks for the help.

I’d switch to AST’s MultiPro 32X and leave the GNC bullshit behind. it’ll give you everything you need.

too many, much depends on the vitamin and your partitcular physiology

this topic is to complex for a disscussion forum as this, however some guidelines are to take water soulable vits about every 4 hours, watch your iron, selenium , copper , zinc, selenium intakes , as well as B6 and Vit A as retiyl palmitate as this seems to be what cheap vits load up on

you can theoreticly O.D. on about anything but (generaly) most vites especialy water soluable ones have a wide margin of safety.

Also keep in mind there is a big difference between what is “enough to barly live on” and “optimal for maximum benifits”

Has anyone heard of the multivitamin “Bioenhance with DNAble” by the company Life Enhancement? I have read alot of good things about this vitamin. They have taken alot of time to include all the main vitamins but in very agreeable dosages. For example, when most vitamins use cheap forms of a vitamin/mineral, Bioenhance uses a more bioavailable from. Instead of using magnesium oxide, they use magnesium aspartate and citrate. Any input?