Morning workout for muscle?

I work out 5:00 am nowadays on an empty stomach…how does that affect muscle gains?

Hey,may I ask…since this postworkout nutrition seems pretty big in quantity(calories,carbs and protein wise)
can I drink this after my morning workouts and then take in a somewhat similar meal 1.5 - 2 hrs later? I read over in
T-Mag about “Get Big Diet” and Tom suggested that…which means I am not officially having “breakfast”.

eat something before hand, its not hard.

Ok here is the lowdown on why you will be having some tough times trying to put on muscle. Overnight your body feeds off of liver glycogen for fuel, first thing in the morning you need to replenish this with food for fuel otherwise it has nothing to use for energy. when you work out in this glycogen depleted state your body relies on it’s fat stores, and muscle tissue to derive its enery, thus the idea of “building” is entirely defeated. you want top make muscle? Then I suggest you find a way to get some preworkout nutrition into the equation.

howabout drinking like 40g of glutacene before you workout. The glutamine can convert to glucose (although not ideal, it works for diets), plus the bcaas should be of help.

roberto, the body does not use fat/protein as significant fuel sources during weight training…in fact muscle glycogen is pretty much the only fuel source used during a resistance workout.

Also after an overnight fast it’s not true that there’s “nothing to use for energy” liver glycogen is depleted but there’s heaps of muscle glycogen available.

I’d agree with eating something in the morning but bottom line is to gain muscle look at long term energy surplus i.e EAT