AM Workouts

Due to work and family obligations I am forced to get up @ 4:30 to workout in my basement and have to be done in 45 mins.I know most writers for Testosterone recommend consuming at least a small meal (MRP) beforehand but I only have time enough to slam a Powerdrive and a no doze while I’m putting on my sweats. Anyone (esp. T-Mag writers) have any recommendations? drink an MRP while working out? BCAAs & Glutamine? Trying to add some more muscle w/out too much fat.

All I can say is get to bed earlier, then wake up earlier. And try Vivarin instead of No Doz. I think No Doz has less caffeine. Or at least it used to.

I too get up every morning (5 am) I work out on an empty stomach with no problems. As soon as I am done I have a 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup Nitro-Tech and a scoop of frozen yogart on top, I have been training for 15 years and about the last 5 in the morning I am 43 years old 5’7" and 200 lbs. Work out on an empty stomach it burns fat !

I also work out first thing in the morning, and can not hold food down that soon before a workout. I’m usually up at 5 am, drink a quart of water, a powerdrive, and ECA and am at the gym by 5:45. I’ve been doing this for a couple years, and don’t think not eating before a workout really maked that big of a differance. One thing I do, is drink a protein shake or MRP when I wake up during the night, usually about 1 am or so. I’m also sure I have a high protein, simple carb shake within 20 minutes after training as well.