more Growth Surge questions

Sorry, but the long ass support group thread is pissing me off for being so long. I got to wondering if I ought to be taking my Mag-10 right before each of my workouts. As it is, several hours go by between my AM dosage, and my “AM” workout. I guess the question is this: does anyone have any info/experience regarding the timing of the Mag-10 hits in relation to growth, strength, intensity of workouts?

This thread pisses me off because the question has been answer a few times before, probably in that long ass thread that pissed you off. :slight_smile: I think Bill said it doesn’t matter much when you take MAG-10 relative to your workout. I’ve been taking mine a couple of hours before.

Yes, yes, but I’d like to compile a thread of everyone’s opinions on the subject. Since there aren’t any posts on this thread though, I’m thinking that timing hasn’t made a difference to anyone. Thanks everyone, your lack of response has answered my question. Haha =)

I take it 1.5 hrs before workout. And I get intense workout and outrageous pumps.


The feeback seems to suggest that MAG-10 does indeed stay in your system way beyond 24hours, so I don’t think it matters when you take it in relation to the workout. I take mine about 8:00am. On some days I can only do x1 session per day at 8:00pm (I switch between x1 and x2 protocal as best I can to fit in other commitments) yet still get the granite pump that everyone mentions.