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I have this friend who says she doesnt have “those types of feelings for me”,yet anytime another girl shows interest in me she degrades her and trys to cockblock me. She knows that i have feelings for her but i in no way pressure her to do anything. She calls me at least twice a day and comes over unexpectedly a lot. She says im sexy and all that kinda stuff and that im her best friend. Whats the deal? If a girl did all that stuff to me i date her in a heartbeat. Any help from the T-Vixens would be greatly appreciated.

Some chicks are very contradictory. In that specific case, I think you should ignore her a bit. Stop showing that you like her alot. Play her little game, tell her she is just a friend for you. When she calls you, tell her you have to hang up because you have better things to do. Tell her you like another girl very much. Then, sit back and relax… There is an interesting article by Chris about girls who like to be treated bad. You should read it! Personally I hate that type of girls because you can never truely express your love without fearing to be rejected.

What Andre said was right on the money. You should basically blow her off. Act friendy but a little uninterested. She’s unsure of what she wants so be prepared to move one. She comes over unexpectantly, then hit on her. Start kissing her and taking off her clothes. She’s not showing much respect for you if she thinks she can go into your home and you’re not allowed to express your sexual feelings. Don’t apologize for being a man. She wants to be friends? Great, you have needs too as a man. Basically the less you care about her and being rejected, the more in control you’ll be.

I just happened to re-read Shugart’s article “Get Laid the Testosterone Way.” And it sounds like you should check it out again. Remember, one of the rules in the article states to NEVER show a girl how much you like them. So this girl has the advantage because she knows that you have feelings. So she can play her sick, twisted game. So it’s time to act “aloof” to her presence and tell her you are busy more often.

Besides, if you are spending more time cheerleading, you must be around other hot females often. So spend more time talking to them. As for the cockblocking, it’s usually your guy friends that are known for that. God only knows how many times I’ve been “shielded” by my friends. That’s okay, I’ve gotten them back a few times by throwing the “Golden Shield.”

And I remembered a few things I have been doing wrong recently, so reading the article refreshed my memory to put it to use. I’ll be going to a wedding Sat night. That should be a prime time to hook up.

Been there, done that, got a shitload of T-shirts. I had a very similar situatuion in my last year at University. This hot little blonde and I became really good friends. I went for late-night runs with her, pulled an all-nighter to basically teach her our exercise testing practicum the night before the final (her girl-friends said I was nuts), talked to her all the time. She stayed at my house, I even helped her make a game for her Kindergarten class during which I could feel every last bit of T dropping out of my body. I mean, I’d have crawled on Broken glass for this chick, and she knew it. Of course she said she didn’t realize what was on my mind and thought of me as a really good FRIEND. Yeah well I’ve gots lots of friends there babycakes and I don’t want you as another so lets have a go at it huh? Nothing doing. She was typical - go for the guys who don’t treat her well and to hell with the rest. Moral of the story - if she says she wants to be friends, tell her to buy a fuckin’ dog, then move on. Vixens, I know it sounds harsh but I put in some serious time with her (and put NO pressure on her) so I had a hard time believing she didn’t know I wanted more. Then I got torched, hard. Guess it sucked to be me.

OK…opens the worn and old “Whopper guide to the game” (Had to find it…been married too long) Ahhh…page 1425…the old caveman routine…ok…for this one you need beer on the breath when she comes over unexpectedly. Just crack one open when she stops by…tell her you have had a few (I am assuming you are in college) when she starts talking…walk close, and put your finger over her lips…tell her to hush (firm but not rude…you are an in control T-dude here) then just kiss her.(You gotta do this soon after she arrives…not 30 minutes into the conversation) With girls like this I have found it to work well. They like the little macho act of telling them to hush…then the whole kiss thing. If NOT, your fallback the next day is to apologize and say you had a few too many…see this way the bases are covered bro…you got an out if it doesn’t work…but it usually does. IF it works…then DONT do the whole puppy love thing or she will ditch ya…if the caveman routine works…you gotta stick with it and do the whole aloof thing after that or she will dump you fast. Good luck…I always had great luck with this one…a modification is to take her by the wrists…slowly and firmly pushing her against the wall while bringing her wrists above her head…then going for the smooch…again SLOW here…you want to be in control…not making her think you are raping her…lol!! Good luck!

hey man, use a little psychology, stop speaking to her for a week, don’t see her, don’t return her calls, tell her your busy, after a week of this you might see a big change in her attitude, because what will happen is during that week she’ll realize she needs you, misses you, and she’ll be thinking about you that whole week, and realize that she wants to be more than friends with you, what you are doing is making yourself a challenge and in a subtle way putting the pressure on her to respond, or risk losing you, try this it worked for me-good luck

I gotta agree with Big Willie on this one. By knowing how you feel about her but not reciprocating, you make her feel wanted, desired and good generally overall. With all the comments regarding you she’s only giving you enough line to hang yourself because you’ll keep thinking that there MIGHT still be a chance with her. I say, don’t be rude but basically cut her off from your attention. She’ll probably start asking you if you’re avoiding her or did she do something to hurt you, etc. Just say " No, I’ve just been busy." She’ll reveal her true self to you once she knows you’re not going to follow her around like a puppy. I just experienced this myself recently, it sucks, especially if you really care for her.

Whopper - thats’ funny as hell! I have to admit, on many drunken night’s I’ve done the same thing and it’s mostly worked like a charm. For some reason though I don’t have the Nads to do it sober. What I pussy I can be sometimes…

Big Willie…it does work like a charm…but the beer or booze breath is what gives you the nads…you know you have an excuse later if you make an ass of yourself. You don’t gotta be drunk…in fact I don’t recommend it (nothing worse than whiskey d#$% if it does work) Your just using the booze on the breath as the fallback excuse later on in the event of rejection…it keeps the friendship that way…most folks understand and forgive you for a drunken mistake. So your in the clear…give it a shot willie…it beats not trying!! I had about an 80% success rate with this one, and the 20% it failed on…all forgave me the next day when I blamed it on the booze and it was like it never happened…so it is ALL GOOD!

Sounds like she wants the milk without buying the cow. She wants all the advantages and attention of hanging around a good guy without actually being with him. And to top it off she probably feels that this makes her even more attractive to other guys. My advice is not to bother with her. The best rule you can learn is “if she doesn’t want me, I don’t want her.” I know it’s not always an easy thing to do but it sounds as if she is giving you a hard time with other women who really do have an interest in you.

Big Willie, I feel for you bro. I just got burned this weekend! How about this shit: A friend (Julie) and I have been hanging out the past few months. Well, this past weekend her friend from Chicago (Judy) came to town. I was flirtatious with her (Judy) and made many comments about hooking up. And she flirted right back. Well, Sunday night we all grilled up some food and hung out. The ladies were drinking. Unfortunately, I had to go home because I had work in the morning. And the girls stayed at my friend’s house, and they kept drinking. Come to find out, they both hooked up with friends of mine! DAYUM! Cockblock Central! And this is after all that time of playing a “friend” to one girl, and then flirting with her friend from Chicago. I was pissed!

Another situation, I am friends with another girl. At one point, we could have hooked up but were relunctant to do so because it might mess up the "friendship" (I won't fall for that shit ever again). So what happens? I don't do it, and then she starts fucking a friend of mine that she only knew for a few weeks! DAYUM!

Whopper, great trick with the alcohol breath thing. I like that. But tell me something, you got any tricks for those of us who don't drink? I mean, I can always take a few sips and gargle with some alcohol just to get the taste in my mouth to play it off, but all my friends know I don't drink. So what advice can you give to a lonely dogg such as myself?

I'm so hella pissed that this shit keeps happening to me. I have got to stop being friends with any females. Trying to be a friend and then work your way into being more than friends is a waste of time. It's time to be Nate Dogg the Asshole from now on. Especially with my guy friends hooking up with girls that I'm trying to work an angle with!

Begin to move on, mentally and emotionally. Talk to other women. Do not engage in any discussion of other women and when she brings it up, just give that guy grunt and change the subject. Don’t call or stop by, but continue to be happy to see her when she stops by (cut her visits a little short though). After about a week, try Whoppers move. If she rejects you- thats it, shine her on big time and hopefully it won’t be quite as painful cause you have taken a step back from her during the past week. This works like a charm on men also :slight_smile:

How about straight and honest communication. You don’t avoid the sting now matter what happens, however you will know what’s up and where you stand if you straight out ask. Sit her down and tell like it is and that you want to know what’s up. You need to know, so you will not be guessing and are free to retain the friendship you have with her and still chase the botty you want to chase without interferring. If you let her know that games aren’t your thing, a direct conversaion will not seem unusual. When in doubt, get straight.

If she’s playing mind games before you ever get together, she’ll still be doing them after your a couple. Not worth it in my opinion, not if you want someone you can trust.

Nate Bro…your situation is even better…a bit of booze on the breath if everyone knows you don’t drink…damn…you have excuse central…and a swig of a brew wouldnt hurt you at all…unless you are a recovering alcoholic and can’t drink at all…then I understand…I don’t know your situation with booze. It is just like TC said…taking a shot…I guess I have been lucky…my favorite saying has always been "sometimes ya gotta say “what the F*&^!” It has always served me well…Yes, it has gotten me embarassed before…but most guys respect the fact that ya had more balls then them.(besides it hurts at the time…but 6 months later you really don’t even remember it) For me, I wouldn’t have been with my Vixen if I had not said what the hell…when I met her she was married to an ass#$%$. I never tried to be her friend…I made it very clear what I wanted…HER. To me this whole friend thing is overrated. I have no women who are my friends…unless it is thru my wife. Playing the friend game to me is a looser game for loosers…I HATE it when guys try that crap with my vixen…cause ANY guy knows what it is really about…I mean come on guys…you got the balls to put massive weights on your shoulders and squat…or to get into a martial arts class and get the crap kicked out of you for the first 2 years…but you dont have the nads to approach a woman and be upfront or to take a chance if you know she is single and lay a lip lock on her? Not sleazy…that is low class also…but saying…hey…I find you VERY attractive, and would love to go out with you this weekend. If she says NO…move on. My Vixen has been asked out plenty of times…the guys who ask once, and when she says she is married, apologize…I have a world of respect for…and some are even people I have a beer with on occasion. The guys who just keep asking or get sleazy…I usually end up confronting (and have leveled a few). It is about class guys…have balls and have class and take a damn chance…ENOUGH SAID!

Whopper, well said my man. I like it. Yes, I need to just “take a shot.” And I don’t drink because I never liked it. Never wanted to drink. When I do have the occasional drink, it’s a frozen mixed drink as sweet as can be. And my friends have seen me drunk off my ass with ONE drink. So yeah, maybe I should try that technique. I could play it off real well. Just a few sips and a gargle, and I’ll be all liquored up for real! LOL! Good advice my man. You’re right. If I can go lift weights, why can’t I just take a shot? And I don’t want to be friends with girls. I want to screw them! LOL!

haha you guys are hella funny. i had this same problem, now maybe i wont anymore… thanks.

“Bang her” dude.

Hey folks, this is quite a flukey thread, as I sorta find myself in the same situation. I’m starting to hang out more and more with this chick I’ve known for ages who’s quite the little minx, only she’s my best friends sister (and him and other friends read this board so I can’t ID myself, although all you T-dudes know me). I don’t mind hanging out with her, and kinda have done for like 12 years odd, but recently I wouldn’t mind giving her a good stiff one. But shit, I’m caught in the friends zone! I’m not even sure what she wants, although I tend to think that she’d eventually come round, but then there’s my best friend to deal with, or should that not be an issue?

Oh, and if anyone out there reads this and figures out who I am (friends or regular forum-posters), then just shut the f@ck up!!!