Anyone here ever do any modeling? (Probably
not.) If so, what were your experiences?

What kind of modeling? I have done some and am working on getting into fitness modeling.

Any kind. :slight_smile: Well first of all, I’m a guy.
But I would still be interested in hearing
about experiences of women. You’re trying
to get work in commercial print related to
fitness? How is that going for you? Reason I’m
curious is because I had some woman I met at
a club drag me to a free modeling conference.
I never thought about modeling before and I
wasn’t really interested. But man, when I saw
how pitiful some of the guys are who are
modeling I thought “man, I could do this!
Easy money!” Plus, as a side benefit there was
a ratio of about 10 (hot) women for every 1
(pathetic and probably gay) guy. So I
figured I might (or might not) be able to get
some work, but even if I don’t, I’ll get to
meet lots of hot women! As long as I avoid the
model scammers it’s all good. So I guess I’m
just interested in hearing any good or bad
experiences of men or women on modeling in
general. And perhaps how difficult it is to
get any work. As I understand it there are
three general categories of modeling work:
runway, commercial print, and TV. Yes?

I’m a model with one of the larger agencies (Elite in Toronto, and hopefully soon Lyons Group in New York) and am slowly progressing more towards fitness modelling. What is it you want to know?

You are worried about scams? Reputable agencies and agents do not scout for people in night clubs, and do not drag them to conferences. There aren’t any conferences, talent searches etc. These are all build ups to get small agencies exposure, and perhaps sign up some uninformed people for ‘modelling lessons’. Real agencies never ask you for money, and don’t give you lessons. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but these are lessons you are better off learning now than later. There is a very good reason why most of the guys were only so-so looking at that conference.

I’m not sure what else you’d like to know at this point, but I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Here’s what I’d like to find out: 1)How hard
is it to get one of the mainstream agencies to
rep you (really)? 2)Once you are working with
one of the main agencies, how hard is it to
get work/how much work do you actually get?
3)Have you ever been really screwed over by
agencies or potential clients, and if so, does
it happen often? 4)Regarding the fitness
modeling in particular, what kind of “look”
are they looking for as far as fitness?
Thanks for the info.

Another bad sign is if they tell you need pictures and then offer their services for pics or say you have to use their service. That’s a sure sign of a rip off. You do need pics (a portfolio, headshots, or whatever) but it doesn’t matter who does them. Some “modeling agencies” are just out to sell you pictures and lessons.

To address your concerns. 1) It is very difficult to get with one of the top agencies, but in most major markets there are tier two agencies that get they’re models just as much work if not more. Because of the state of the industry right now, very few top agencies are adding to they’re rosters. 2) I go out on a couple of castings a week normally, but my agency has nothing to do with me actually getting the work. That is all up to the client, and they can be picky. I had one catalogue client tell me I was perfect because the sample clothes they get sent is always too big and I was the only guy muscular enough to make them look proper without a hundred clothespins in the back. I’ve had other clients tell me I was too muscular, or too ripped. I can tell you that very few models make enough money to call modelling they’re full time job. 3) I have only ever been with one agency (Elite) and because of who they are they can be trusted. I have been frustrated with my own agent sometimes, but she has gotten much better and more dependable lately. It takes a long time to get paid after doing work sometimes, but that is not your agencies fault. Still, its frustrating if you are depending on the money. 4) Fitness modeling is completely different than regular modeling. With fitness the number one requirement is your body, and perfect facial symmetry is not necessary. Many fitness models don’t even have agents, as the magazines typically pay the photographer for the photos (and he pays the models) rather than pay an agency for models. There are however agencies that deal with men and women with more athletic physiques. The Lyons Group in New York is perhaps the most well known, and I hope to go to New York soon and get on their Roster.

Anymore Questions?

Nope, no more questions. Thanks. Just to
clarify, I was NOT picked up by a scout at
a club. I met a girl at a club who was
herself planning on going to a free
conference on modeling (she heard an ad on
the radio) and she bugged me to go with her so
she wouldn’t have to go by herself. (She is
hot, so I went.) In any case, the company
holding the conference wasn’t asking for money
(this time) or selling photos - they were
trying to get people to sign up for another
conference that you do have to pay for.
Allegedly, many of the major agencies will be
at this other conference, which I probably
won’t go to. The $250 fee is nothing to me,
but I would have to travel out of my way, and
I can’t spare the time.