I was considering a subscription to MILO, but wanted to know if you guys have any opinions on the usefulness of this mag. I already have the T mag subscription and am enjoying it. I have been training for two years, mostly for hypertrophy, but have recently been going the neural/hypertrophy route.

MILO is a good magazine. It’s generally geared more towards power/Oly/Strongman lifting. I personally like that stuff and grow more while doing powerlifting workouts that bobybuilding. It depends on what you like. I think though even that if you’re a bodybuilder powerlifting can definately help your hypertrophy gains. It doesn’t have to be from MILO, though that is a good source

I personally enjoy MILO very much and have been subscribing for a few years. Even when I wasn’t interested in pure strength or events like arm wrestling and highland games, I still enjoyed reading the articles. And many times, I have gone back and read articles that I wasn’t interested in before, but have now become extremely helpful. I even bought most of the back issues.

I highly recommend MILO if you are interested in strength and the many different strength events (olympic lifting, barrel lifting, arm wrestling, highland games, strongman contests, history of weightlifting and the oldtime strongmen).

Natedogg-I checked it out because I saw you subscribed to it. I think I’ll give it a try. The more I hang around this site, the more interested I become in the powerlifting aspects of weight training.

Viceguy, don’t be mislead. MILO rarely covers “powerlifting.” At least in the competition aspect and the various powerlifters who compete today. Although, you will see articles by top powerlifters (Bill Starr, Kazmier(sp), etc). But if you want good articles about strength and the various ways to get stronger, then MILO is definitely something to check out. Pavel Tsatsouline has even written a few articles. Hope that helps!