meltdown training

I would like to hear from anyone who has finished the program and what was their results?I’m planning to do meltdown with muay thai(3x/week)and the t-dawg diet for fat loss.Any comments?

I’m doing something very similar to you. Meltdown Training, martial arts (WingTsun) 2 times per week and t-dawg 2.0. I’m only on day two, so I can’t really give you much information, other than the low carbohydrates intake makes me feel extremely flat. Seems to be doing better on day two, but the first day was horrible.

I think it would be most effective if coming off a strength training cycle. If you’re already doing high volume, your body won’t have to make a significant adaptation. I’ve done the program and it was fine, but I like to keep my lifting my lifting and my cardio my cardio. That way I can vary the intensity and duration of my workout given how I feel on a particular day. With meltdown, it’s balls out for X period of time every workout. I get kinda bored with that too. More people are going with using maximal weights when dieting for reasons discussed at length on the board and in articles.

Meltdown is a great program. you’re gonna find out how good of shape you’re in in a hurry. I would recommend II over I. Meltdown will work great with T-Dawg 2.0 just make sure you get your SURGE!

My results with meltdown I were pretty good. I lost some strength but the leaning out was worth it. And it was defintely tougher than it looked on paper…
My advice is not to do in poorly venilated area or during the summer. I got a mild heat stroke both times.
Luck with it.