MD6/T2 Cycle

OK…MD6 and T2 cycle…who has tried it and how has it worked?

I’m currently on the MD6 and T2. I’ve been on for one week and am doing pretty good. I’ve gone from 150lbs to about 144lbs at 5’4" (so far) and have gone from about 14% bodyfat to 10%. I tried this back in early May, but because I was still consuming too many calories, I didn’t notice anything. Now that I’m consuming less calories and doing more cardio, I have noticed the effects of T2 and MD6. One thing that I can feel is how jacked up it makes me. I’m using three caps of T2 a day (8am, 3pm, 8pm) along with one cap of MD6 with the T2. That seems to be working fine for me. I still have three weeks to go, so I’ll let you know how well it works when I’m done!

I just finished my first cycle taking 3 caps T2 and 6 caps MD6 a day. It really helped me to get through a plateu. I had been hovering around 219 lbs, around 15% BF, and 34 inch waist for months. I got down to 210 lbs., 9-10% BF, and 33 Inch waist. In the last week my weight has gone up to 214 with BF staying relatively the same, I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the past few weeks doing the Ian King Upper Body Strength program. I’m diabetic, so my weight can fluctuate very quickly. I definitely recommend both products, especially if you have plateaued.