Massive Eating Cheat Day?

JMB noted that the fat/protein meals were to be consumed as the last few meals of the day. How does one get around things such as going on dates and having to eat normal meals or going drinking with your buddies on the weekends? Obviously, things like beer can cause (I’m assuming) an insulin spike. Can there be such a thing as a “cheat day” while on the Massive Eating diet?

I think cheat meals would be a better idea, do a strict morning and afternoon, then have a cheat dinner with some beer.

It’s perfectly possible to have a meal that fits the diet while on a date. Just go to a nice restaurant, and order a steak and vegetables and a salad, and don’t order a potato. Your date will not have the slightest idea you are doing anything odd.

Or if you are going someplace where that is
not an option, an isocaloric meal will hardly
ruin the diet. Believe it or not, Hungry Howie’s and Domino’s pizza are reasonable isocaloric meals (OK, the pizza is high on the insulin index), and the chili at Wendy’s is an almost perfect isocaloric meal.