massive eating and fat

I have a bit of a problem. I follow the massive eating program to a point. Meaning I don’t consume as much fat as is neccessary. My protein and fat meals are generally protein-meals. I eat about 2 protein meals a day and 5 protein and carb meals. I am blessed to not gain fat easy so I can actully eat a little more carbs than the average person. Now the reason I don’t eat too much fat is because it gives me this nasty skin problem acne. A problem which has plagued me for nearly a decade (I’m 23). I was just wondering if any of you have any diet tips to make something like massive eating possible without too much fat. Or perhaps some other diet that might work almost as well…

dude try zinc and magnisium supps for the acne and sugars for the fat problen. increase sugars in the diet can help, thats what i’d consume before fat cause the body has a harder time burning it and makes you sluggish

Wow, sharn, that was some horribly bad advice.


Sham, please read T-mag! Look up Massive Eating on the search engine prior to posting any more “advise”.

Have you tried using flax, fish, and olive oils as the majority of your fat sources. There are a number of studies that show the omega-3’s in these are actually beneficial to your skin health. I found in personal experience that fried foods were the main culprits of acne for me, so eliminating those may be of benefit.

P.S. Sharn please do not quote your 1970's diet and training principles straight from "How to be a Personal Trainer for Fun and Profit" home manual. It is obvious that you need some further education. Start back in the archives at #1 and work your way to present. I am sure you will come away much more educated and knowledgable.

Mel, my advice is two-fold: One, give the diet a chance. I had an initial upswing in acne when I started eating more fats a la JB’s suggestions, but it only took about two weeks for my body to adjust (I’d been making the usual mistake of eating too many carbs and not enough fats in order to “stay lean”), and now I’m actually better than before. Of course, not everyone reacts the same way, so if the problem doesn’t, ah, clear up, Two: go see a dermatologist. Acne treatments are usually not that expensive, and a little tetracycline can work wonders. So many people (teenagers, mostly) waste so much time agonizing over the problem, when just a little investment in time and money will solve it. Good luck.

i had a bad acne problem that went away when i stoped drinking milk.

I am 22 and have been on a Tetracycline since I was 15. This was more of my doing (I never had severe acne) then my doctor’s wishes, but obviously like you I can’t stand a zit. Within the last 3 months I added flaxseed oil and ZMA to my daily supplements. I can’t say which one it was for sure, but I noticed my skin improved in a couple weeks. I used to think eating oil, made oily, broken out skin, but I have been taking 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day. Hope this helps some.

Try to add some fish oil capsules for your fat+protein meals. Have your lean protein source and enough capsules to get 6-10grams DHA/EPA per day. Fish oils have antinflammatory properties and would most likely help your situation rather than harm it in addition to being great for this diet.