Maltose question for Mr Berardi

What is your opinion on maltodextrin in
meal replacements and other supplements
except post-workout.There is another supplement manufacturer who is very much against it.I like maltodextrin as an extra
source of calories.

malto-dextrin the dissaccaride is not the same as maltose

maltose has a higher GI than dextrose does

good question

When I was trying to bulk up I purchased 120lbs. of maltodextrin which I used in about
two months.I used up to two pounds of it a day!
However I had these horrible sugar crashes where I had to lie down while eating some carbs.I have a hard time eating enough real
food but the malto made it very easy.
But I wonder if this is healthy.

I find it to be great for putting on weight, and I probably couldn’t without it. Weightgainers can be highly caloric by using maltodextrin. Im just worried after reading massive eating and afraid its going to destroy my insulin sensitivity. After about a month, I was no longer getting that lethargic feeling after drinking one of my shakes. Ill probably use it again, but not without ALA and for over a few weeks.