Maltedextrin and Dextrose

Is there a big difference between maltedextrin and dextrose? I know the glycemic indexes for both are about the same. Is there a difference in speed of absorption? Any input will be appreciated.

dextrose is very sweet tasting and malto doesn’t really have a taste.

Taken from the protein factory’s web page:

Whats the difference between Maltodextrin and Dextrose?

  1. TASTE, maltodextrin has an extremely weak sweetness to it. Plus it doesn’t mix as well as dextrose. Dextrose on the other hand is very sweet and
    DISAPPEARS in water when stirred with a spoon. Hence, it is very friendly to the user. Adding dextrose to creatine makes it taste good and mix easily.
    Both are derived from corn strach which gives them their high glycemic level rating. But maltodextrin is complex and dextrose is simple.

Bump because I just substituted dextrose in postworkout shakes. Dextrose is a sugar but malto isnt right? Are the insulin responses the same? Are simple or complex carbs preferable post workout.

I was wondering the same thing. If they both have the same glycemic index number, then why are they used in a 50:50 ratio in the post workout shake?

Dre, while malto is in fact marketed as a complex carb both malto and dextrose both have very high GIs. I think I might have even read that maltodextrin is higher than dextrose but im not sure. Either way both are high. You can use either post workout. Most MRPs use malto as im sure you know which is why Biotest addressed this when choosing some low GI fructose in their Grow.

Dre read the article “solving the post workout puzzle” there are two of them by John B. They give a very specific formula and it does include dextrose.

Malto and Dextrose are chemically different and treated as such in the body! The GI is high for both but dextrose is just a bunch of free single sugar molecules while malto is a chain of sugar molecules. It’s like the diff between an amino acid and a peptide. Researchers have known for years that malto is best for glycogen replenishment. In addition, it is best handled by the stomach because of osmolarity (since it is a large chain, there are less free particles in solution). That makes it easier to digest. However there are advantages to dextrose too but just not too much. The best p-w drink is a combo of both. If youre gonna drink anything during the workout, malto might be best.

John or anyone else, do you have the macro breakdown of Malto and Dextrose, I checked all my charts and can’t find it. I am trying to keep a accurate measure of my daily calories, etc and this is the only thing I am missing. Thanks to anyone who can help

John, if malto is known to be better for glycogen replenishment, why isn’t it used in sports drinks like Gatorade?

Also, how would you compare Maltofern to dextrose and/or maltodextrin?