Post Work Out Shake Mix (again)

OK for the last time is Dextrose better than maltodextrin?

I was under the assumption that malto was ok, now I hear Dextrose is much better?

What would be your reasoning for dextrose being better?

Although, similar in GI, they both have their benefits.

I think I remember reading multiple times throughout some of the articles here that the best source of PWO carbs is a 50:50 mixture of maltodextrin and dextrose. Correct?

just use a 50/50 blend and you wont have to worry anymore.

Hey guys, while we’re rehashing this can somebody point me in the direction of good, cheap maltodextrin and dextrose? Thanks for any help since I currently just use a sugary sports drink for extra post workout carbs.

Lots of departments stores have home brewing stores - that’s where I found my malto/dex.

I would try and track down a home brewing supply company, thats where i get my glucose and maltodextrin.

And berardi recommends using Glucose (dextrose) 66.6% and Maltodextrin 33.3% in PWO.

Maltodextins are just glucose polymers and can be all different size distributions. In the US the FDA caterogise maltodextrins by giving them a value called DE normally 20 and below, which is the Dextrose Equivalent (Dextrose being 100). So the closer the DE value is to dextrose the shorter the polymer chain.

get your carbs from brew shop (used to make beer) its much cheaper and you can buy in bulk. add some flavoured drink sachets otherwise it can be quite unpalettable

Just check out any Beer and wine store where they sell stuff to make your own wine. Very cheap like 3.00 for a pound.

Where do you actually find one of these stores? (Any chains you know of??)

One of the drawbacks to large amounts of dextrose consumption is the fact that it has a high degree of osmolality, which is a measure of the concentration of a given particle in solution.

A solution with a high rate of osmolality cause more water to be retained in the stomach, Dextrose, being such a compound binds water from areas like the small intestine, blood, etc., which can in many people give you that bloated feeling.

A combination of the two is best.

Theoretical bloating aside (something I’ve never experienced with glucose), there’s no practical noticeable difference between the two. It’s just one of those “splitting hairs” things that we love to do so often.