Maltofern for Post-Workout Carb. Source (Mr. Berardi)!!!

Mr. Berardi or anyone else who would know: Have you heard of (probably) but more importantly used Maltofern as a post-workout carb source? How much more effective, if any, is it than maltodextrin? Pros and cons? The following will help those who do not know what Maltofern is:

“This powdered carbohydrate is never used in the supplement industry. Maltofern is superior to dextrose and maltodextrin in glycogen replacement after workout and insulin raising properties. Thus it makes it the ideal carbohydrate to make your own “creatine cocktail”… or post-workout supplement. When mixed with creatine monohydrate, maltofern enhances the muscle concentration of creatine. Dextrose and maltodextrin have long been used by the supplement companies because of their ability to raise insulin and its good taste. But Maltfern works even better, but due to its funky taste the supplement companies pasted it up.”

Any truth to this?

Maltofern is a carb source that I have been using for about a year now to bolster my post-workout shakes. I, too, would like a studied opinion on the efficacy of it vs. maltodexterin. I can say, however, that the taste is fairly pleasant and not-at-all offensive as the description might lead one to believe.