I bought Osmo Phase I maltodextrin powder. I couldn’t believe on the back that it says “this product does not produce an insulin response” Am I missing something here, I though maltodextrin has a glycemic index of 156. Anyway, doing a zone-type diet using protein powder, a scoop maltodextrin and a TBSP of oil for shakes, which should make it faily low-glycemic anyway. (50gprot/37gcarb/16gfat)

i think i’ve heard that maltodextrin is a more complex form of dextrose. and with it not being as simple of a sugar, it may not produce as much of an immediate insulin spike. i don’t really know the answer to this question: just a guess. i would highly doubt that any type of sugar did not produce some type of response.

Maltodextrin is a disacarride meaning that it has two dextrose(read glucose) molecules bonded together. Complex carbs are polysacarrides unlike maltodextrin which is still a simple carb. Sucrose is a similar molecule except it has a glucose and fructose molecule bonded together. What Osmo said is a blatent lie. Maltodextrin does produce an insulin response. Besides Osmo, in my opinion, is crappy suplement company.