Mag-10 useage *idea*

I recently finshed by first cycle of Mag-10 (1x a day except for front loading) and gained around 9 pounds and strength went up a lot. I followed the GS project for the diet and the workout routines. However, I noticed that towards the end (like the last 4 days) I did not have any weight increase and strength only noticably went up compared to right at the beginning.

What I am wondering is would it be any benefit to rotate the Mag-10 usage: 2 dosages first day, then 1 the next day, then 2 day after, 1 the next, etc. until the bottle is empty? Granted, it would cut the cycle down in days but would this be more effective than 1 time a day for 14 days? I really can’t afford 2x a day for 14 days (not to mention increased food costs for eating so much food), so perhaps this could be a “happy medium.” Just a thought…

I’m convinced that, other than frontloading
to immediately get to desired blood levels,
consistent dosing is the most efficient,
rather than varied dosing.

So if you want to try consuming 1.5 bottles
in two weeks instead of one bottle, I’d do
it by taking about 1.5 doses per day instead
of alternating one dose, then two doses.

Your experience of not noting gains the last
few days of the 2 weeks is something that happens quite often with pharmaceutical steroid
two week cycles also. I don’t think increasing
dose at that point is an answer. I think it’s just that
your body has decided that the large growth
spurt it’s just had, is about all it wants to do right now.

I now see you were asking not about taking
more total MAG-10 over the same time, but
taking the same total amount in a shorter
time. No, I’d expect less results on
average from doing that.

Sort of like how you’ll get more total pain
relief with 2 aspirins every 4 hours or whatever for a full day, rather than 4 aspirins
every 4 hours for only half the day.

Thanks Bill. I will stick to either 1x or 2x a day (depending on budget at the time of use). And, by the way, you guys have one hell of an awesome product in Mag-10. Keep up the good work!!!