MAG-10 on rehab program?

I tore my lat and oblique muscle doing heavy deadlifts a few weeks ago and after a week of immobility am beginning a high rep/50% max wght.- (trying to at least get te same toal workload as before) program. I had bought 6 bottles of Mag-10 and had figured I’d have to wait the projected 10 week recovery period to use it. My question: would I be wasting the Mag-10 using it now?

Wow I never heard of someone tearing their lat on a DL! what were you pulling in terms of poundage? Were you actually diagnosed with a tear by an MD? More likely a muscle strain. I imagine it was at the second third of the motion right? Could you describe the experience a little more? As far as drugs go, I’d wait until I was at 100% to get the most out of the ergogenic effect. To a quick recovery! MC