Mag-10 & Healing

I have done some searching on this but nothing that really struck me as worthwhile, so I hope you guys can give me some guesses.

I tore my hamstring/glute nearly 10 weeks ago and the pain is 98% gone–but there’s still that 2% which is most likely just tightness from the healing, but it still freaks me out. Anyway, 11 weeks ago i bought some Mag-10 and was getting ready to try a cycle when disaster struck.

Well, I couldn’t take healing any more and started my cycle today and all is going well; this bring me to my question. With the increased T-lvls in my body, will my almost completely healed hamstring benefit by extra healing and make the slight, oh so slight, pain disappear? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Baes, this is not an area of expertise of mine. Maybe someone else will stop by that does have an answer. If you don’t get a response on the Training & Nutrition forum, try posting a message in the Steroid forum. I know there are steroids that are used to promote healing of injuries.

There is a part of me that feels you would benefit from some body work – i.e., ART (Applied Release Technique) or Myofacial Release Technique – and possibly even some stretching. Please explore all avenues when it comes to rehabbing your injury.

Good luck to you!!!