Loose skin?

I have been on a cutting diet and using Melt-down training and have lost quite a bit of fat, however I have some loose skin hanging off me which is stopping me from looking completely tight. What can I do to attain the “hard” look. I am taking methoxy-7, T2-Pro, and MD6.

If you’ve been truly fat in the past then you’re generally stuck with it. People get surgery for this a lot. Can’t think of the name of the procedure right now. Something -plasty. (Abdominoplasty?)

I always thought that as your old skin cells die and are replaced by new ones, the new ones will be ‘tighter’ to your new less fat, more muscular body. Loose skin is usually the result of rapid weight loss.

I noticed that soon after a really low carb dieting down. My skin feels really loose the first month or so. But after dropping extra weight and replinishing the glycogen my muscles got fuller again and my skin tightened back up. My Non-PHD view on this was: it was due to the loss in water and muscle glycogen in the muscle. Carbs hold water in the muscle, and with glycogen give your muscle that fullness needed to look your best. When you cut out carbs the muscle tends to deflate leaving extra skin. This extra skin will be burned off later in the fat loss phase. Then when you carb back up you get really tight. This is why competitive bodybuilders are starting their first cheat day… the day of the competition. They figured out that they actually looked the best the day after the contest, after eating higher carb again. Bottom line, keep loseing the fat, once you begin to eat carbs again you will get hard and look good after you drop the extra fat.

Thanks guys, I used to be really fat. My freshman year of high school I was 5’ 9" and 220 pounds with a 40 waist. Now I’m a freshman in college at 6’ 177 pounds and a 34 waist. I was bulking all summer, then started using melt-down training 3 weeks ago, and running in the fall a little, and the weight just seemed to melt off. Any ideas of what I can do for the short term? (TEK, maybe the surgery later on, but I cant afford it now)

Moisturiser, and lots of it. get a good heavy one, cetephil is good and not greasy or oily, get the cream and not the lotion. put it on after EVERY shower, over your entire body. it helps keep the skin supple, healthy, and elastic, which is what you want. it will take some time, but it will gradually shrink somewhat. my friend who had liposuction used a TON of lotion every day for a long time before and after he surgery and her skin shrunk much faster than her doc expected it to. just a thought…

I recall Duchaine answering a similar question a long time ago. He mentioned using lanolin, a great deal of additional moisturizers as well as greatly increasing your intake of EFA’s. Then you’ve got to give it some time. You’re still a young guy dude! Don’t sweat it, if you keep your bodyfat LOW and don’t pork out you’ll be fine. One additional option, and I think the best (in addition to following the above guidelines) is to go on the ‘Growth Surge’ and fill that skin out with muscle.

Sorry guys but if the elastin in the skin is damaged it will never shrink back. Sun exposure is the number 1 reason for this. The second being age. Assuming that the elastin is in good shape and considering your age it may tighten up but it may taken several years. Skin reduction thru abdominoplasty is always an option.

I recall Duchaine recommending a lotion containing the antioxidant Pycnogenol.

Sorry bud, but as previously mentioned, if you were very overweight the skin probably will not gain back its tautness. Trust me I know, i suffer from this and it fuckin sucks to be quite frank. I have looked into abdomnioplasty, even had a tenative date scheduled with the doc, but other things take precedence(college costs,truck payments, I’m 19 btw)All i can say is look into the surgery …and best of luck…Mike

I was just wanting to add something else in. Dirty Dan also said to refrain form exercises and aerobics that cause jarring of the skin. Good luck, LM