Loosing weight and loose skin

Hey all, I have a year til my first bodybuilding comp. I have the size, but I need to get ripped. I am planning on bulking for another 4-5 months then start to cut up. THe problem is I went from 40 in waist down to a 36 and I had a ton of loose skin. SO I deside to gain some fat. So my question is, how do I avoid this from happening when I lose the fat again? Any help would be great.

“Paging Dr. Nadler…Dr. Nadler…” Short of that, maybe Biotest’s upcoming spot reducing formula can help. If not, then surgery is about the only option. Duchaine said the same thing once in MM2k.

“…with his loose skin and old balls…gross.”

I would like to know what the T-mag writers have to say on this topic. I think it deserves it’s own article.

Surgery. Really really fat people, the ones that lose like 200 pounds, usually have wads of this loose skin. I’ve seen pics. Quite nasty.

I think it may be worse the longer you’re that fat as the skin loses elasticity. Most get plastic surgery. You can’t exercise or diet off loose skin.

I know the loose skin I have is not that bad, but it is bad enough to make me look like a fool in posing trunks! WHat I meant by my question would sitting in a suna help? Rubbing Vit E on the area? Any other ideas that you know would work?
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Did you lose the weight quickly? My only personal experience with that sort of thing is being pregnant x2. I must have good skin elasticity because I didn’t get any stretch marks-so if you don’t have any, that might be a good sign. Anyway, both times, my skin was very loose initally (I gained 32lbs x2 which is high normal)but firmed up over several months with working out and moderate diet. If you are patient and don’t yo-yo your diet too much,you may not have a problem :slight_smile: