Lipoburn Topical Fat Burner?

I know Biotest is or at least was working on a topical fat burning product, but I’ve just been reading about one that already exists called Lipoburn. It’s made by a company called Scientifically Advanced Nutrition (SAN). I’ve never tried it but at least one guy I know has been using it with good success. Has anyone else tried it? The active ingredients are: Aminophylline, Yohimbine HCl, Usnic Acid, and Forskohlin. I know Usnic acid is a little scary when taken orally (kind of like a mild DNP) but I’m not sure it would act the same if used topically.

I’ve been researching this product as well, and will probably be ordering soon, Anyone have any info???

Anybody else know anything about this?

heres what i know
the product list aminophylline,this sounds like a play on words so you think its THEOphylline,which according to dan duchane works topically. the forskohlin and yohimbine hcl supposedly work topically the usnic acid is another story i personally don’t know if this effective topically ,i also wouldn’t touch the stuff.the curious thing about this product is they don’t list the amount of each ingredient.i have a bottle sitting here,and there is no way in hell i can apply this stuff 3-4 times daily,i’m sending it you 40dollars and buy some t-2
i know people have used t-3 as aspot remover with a little ben-gay,i wonder if you could do the same with t-2

I have been using a bottle of lipoburn and I used it the way Ironman suggested. I rubbed it on before and after arobic activity. I work out HARD, if I’m cycling, I cycle for hours. I would then rub the CRAP on after exercise. I did this on my right side only so I could eventually see a difference if there was one. I recently got a fat gauge to check both of my sides since I could not SEE any noticable difference. And the bodyfat measurements were the same for both sides. I think this product sucks and I will not buy anything else for the S.A.N.

I wrote an article reviewing these compounds, but for the time being, just for your sake, DO NOT waste your money on them.

Stay far away from this crap!!! Usnic acid may be one of the most poisonous, toxic ‘supplements’ ever marketed. Either TC or Tim P. would totally agree with this, as they’ve said the same in previous columns. Usnic acid can kill you.

Whether a substance is administered transdermally or orally, if it is a poison and it is in your body, it will harm you, so you should probably avoid usnic acid and aminophylline (aka theophylline?). Besides, as either Brock or Bill has pointed out somewhere here in t-mag, it is doubtful any topical agent can remain localized given the bed of capillaries between the skin and the adipose tissue beneath. Heck, it is doubtful it ever reaches the adipose tissue except by generally circulation. Why else are Androsol and Nandrosol used for general enhancement rather than applied only to those body parts one wants to receive the prohormones?